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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: 3GP, AVI, Flash, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $14.95/30 days
$39.99/90 days
$99.00/365 days

Review of Celeste Fox:

Ok hands down, I have no idea who celeste-fox is, but this is categorized as a fan page so I will assume that she is some sort of pornstar. I tried for a really long time to find information about her on her site and did find a FAQ section, but this was all just general questions about what she liked and stuff, so I didn't really find out how she makes a name for herself outside this page. I should be careful now because some of you out there might actually be fans and to you I wanna say right now that Celeste is not a fool at making a fan page.

Celeste offers you loads of photo shoots of herself in ok quality pictures. Most of them are not too big though and they can be grainy, maybe because some of the pictures are a bit dated, but most is really good. It's all Celeste and it's in devided in to some interesting categories like: "Just me!", "Men", "Fetish", "three or more" and so on.

While browsing through the pictures it could get a little annoying that the pictures would be opened in a new window, and if you click on a new picture while another is still opened ANOTHER window will open and so forth. That can get kind of annoying at times and could be easily fixed by the webmaster.

She offers a nice collection of videos for you as well, about 9 different movies in realplayer format, 9 in Quicktime and 9 mpegs. 27 different shoots in 3 different formats all spread out to even more clips. The quality is good in both quicktime and mpeg, and realplayer is just about the same as always with grungy sound and a bit blurry picture.

A lot of new stuff keeps arriving here and the navigation (when it works) is very nice and easy. Infact everything looks very slick, kept simple and to the point. The menubars, however fancy they are, did not work at times, but I'm sure this is being taken care of.

She updates with her own stuff, wether her pictures can be viewed elsewhere is hard to say, but it all looks quite exclusive to this site, if not it's probably the biggest collection of her anyway.

1 month: $16.95

Even if I don't know exactly who this girl is or what she useually does, it's not hard to see that fans of her would get a kick out of her site. They would get their moneys worth and they would get it without being hassled with adds and they would get plenty of updates during a 1 month membersship period, so for fans this site comes highly recommended. If you are not a fan the site is still worth a look, look at our sample pictures and if you like her, there is a lot more of it.


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