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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Other, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.85/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Cute Rain:

To be completely honest I wasn't really looking to review yet another softcore solo girl site. I was about to say no to looking at this site for now until I realized that Rain is exactly what the name of her site suggests, cute! You can't help but get a little crush on her when you see her on her splash page with her cute face (there it was again) and her smoking body. I think a lot of you will agree with me that she's a beauty a cut above average (even though that's highly subjective). So here it is, I couldn't resist the temptation to explore Rain's naked body down to every detail and now I have, so is it worth shelling out $25 for?

Well first of all, have a look at the video sample at the bottom and the 3 picture samples at the top of this page, this should be the main argument for joining this site. If you now have a crush on Rain I can reveal right away that her page is pretty good and you should already start contemplating a membership. The key factors here is that this is a softcore full nudity site and so it's up to Rain to sell it and satisfy us.

The tools Rain utilizes to satisfy our Neanderthal-like needs are: Videos, photos and 2 live webcam sessions a week. There is also a blog included but this is updated at such long intervals that it's hardly worth mentioning, still it's there and you can make comments on her posts and interact with her that way as well.

Right now I'm waiting for her webcam session to begin in about 50 minutes, I don't know what that will include yet but it will be the last thing I write about here. In the mean time let's have a look at the photos and videos that are currently available. Note that I was not able to determine a promised update frequency but there is an updates page where you can see what updates to expect in the coming month. It appears that new content is added twice a week be it photos or video I cannot tell.

First off the photos
At the time of this review there were 28 sets available and the site has been live for about 3 months it seems. Rain takes photos really well, that is to say, the camera simply loves her. The quality of the photos is great with the option of browsing through the pictures a low resolution (for speed) and the ability to enlarge to a nice 1280 x 850 resolution we're pretty much set. You also have a nice slideshow function in case you want to sit and back and just... do whatever while you watch her photos zoom by. It is of course only natural to hunger for a .zip download option but we can make do with what's available.

As with any good softcore site like this the sets are varied nicely so you will see Rain in all kinds of outfits and situations, a change of scenery is a must. A pet peeve of mine is that I don't like blurry images where the model moves. There are a few of those here but seems to be simply because they want to make as many pictures as possible available, plus you do get some great facial expressions when Rain is caught off guard.

Second, the videos
When I visited this site (at the time of review) there were 11 videos available. The videos are approximately 5 minutes of duration, picture your average playboy model video then you pretty much have the style. Once again I have to mention that Rain is an absolute joy to watch as her eyes play with the camera. The quality is impeccable and you can have them either way you want: HD (1920x1080, 4096 kbps), High (1625 and low. There is also an Ipod/PSP download available in case you want to take Rain videos with you on the move, a nice option.

I admit that I was hungry for a lot more videos and I wish I was able to tell how many videos were coming up in the following month but I can't say that for sure, I do know one is coming for sure though. Overall the videos are very nicely shot and Rain always looks hot, at the moment there just isn't that many clips to really satisfy the hunger, but over time that should be taken care of.

The webcam session

The webcam is powered by Cam Club, this means that basically this webcam session is available to Cam Club surfers as well and if you want to have a full nudity session with Rain you have to pay to get her in a private session.

Unfortunately, this session never happened. I waited 15 minutes looking at the message “I am running late for this show” and then I decided enough was enough. Maybe I'll have a look at her webcam some other day, but still if I had coughed up $25 I would feel a bit cheated that Rain did not appeared at the promised time. There should have been a warning or something on the page that she was either running late or not appearing at all, I sure wasted my time.

It's worth noting the bonus site that comes bundled with your membership at Fuckyoupaul is also a solo girl site that is likely to appeal to fans of the niche as well. It's produced by the same company by the same formular as and so these two sites compliments each other very well. This adds nice value to your membership and is certainly relevant as exclusive bonus content.

The bottom line:
This is a well done site and my expectations were met with nice photos and video and interaction through webcam sessions (I assume). The design is nice looking all around and easy to navigate and quality of the videos is true HD (for those who have the bandwidth). So yeah, the bottom line is, do you like Rain? If you do you are very likely to enjoy her relatively new website. The only big let down was Rain not showing up for her scheduled webcam appearance and a clearer update schedule letting us know what type of media an update will consist of would be nice.


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