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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $23.95/30 days, rebills at $19.95
$59.00/90 days
$72.00/180 days
$100.00/365 days

Review of Alexis Golden:

Mark my words people, Alexis Golden could become very big in the on-line porn world. Alexis is a married self described swinging anal whore, this combination alone will attract a very loyal fan base. Hardcore solo sites like these featuring a swinging mature wife that truly enjoys rough sex usually becomes popular fast if the members are treated well with many new updates and sneak peeks into Alexis' every day life and her thoughts and feelings. My visit today was just one day after the site officially launched and of course that's bound to cause the usual problems like a low content level and a few stuff here and there that can be improved upon, but in general I'm positive about this site, because of Alexis herself.

The first thing I do with a site like this is try and get acquainted with hostess, in this case Alexis. I feel like the more I know about her, the hotter her videos and pictures seem to me. To aid people like me getting more familiar with her there is a blog, an “all about me” section, and an upcoming live webcam function (this really should have been running for the launch). The blog is not for members only, it's also used to promote this site and if you are interested you can check it out here.

From reading the “all about me” text I took notice of a few facts about Alexis. For one thing, she never used to be an outgoing sexual woman and she definitely did not do anal, this all changed when she met her husband and now she's up for anything that has to do with sex. Some other fun facts; that she has had sex with 73 men (how's that bedpost holding up?), The longest cock she has taken was 12 inches and the fattest cock was 11 inches around, she loves to ass fuck and is planning to fuck one person from every country in the world. Oh and by the way, if you are of other ethnic origin than Alexis you can apply to be one of her flags planted on the map if you catch my drift... You can get to ass fuck her OK!

So of course now, all the swinging sex Alexis has is going to be recorded on video and photographed for all of us to enjoy now and well out into the future. If this personal amateur footage is combined with a lot of interaction with her members, Alexis is sure to become a very popular mature anal queen but it will take work.

I've gone over most of the videos available on the site right now and Alexis really seems to be enjoying everything about this. She is enjoying the cocks, getting fucked anal and even better, the cameras seem to be a turn on for her and this makes are videos incredibly hot.

I have been going over what makes this site good, mainly Alexis and her love for sex, but with a new site like this there are bound to be things that can be improved. First of all there are some technical stuff that just do not make sense to me. First of all the whole members area uses frames, first of all I think that's a bad design decision for listing the videos I get a scroll bar in the middle of the page and it made it seem like the space was so restricted, minor detail of course but I will always prefer that frames are never used. This is also because of how the photos are browsed, if you like use firefox as your primary browser then this will not work here. To browse the photos you MUST use Internet Explorer, or maybe some other non-standard browser.

Right now there are 45 video clips to download but this can be a bit misleading because complete “scenes” or swinging events are cut up into segments and made into individual video clips with unique names making hard to see which even this clip belongs to. I don't understand why the clips are not bundled together and at the same time it would be so hot if Alexis would write something about that particular ass fucking scene and how she experienced it. Instead the videos are served up in this rather messy and impersonal way.

The video quality is good and you better have the bandwidth to download 60MB files because this is what you can expect for every video clip. There are no quality levels, just one default which is 640 x 480 at 1500 kbps a very decent quality and I enjoyed watching. To me the decision to not have any lower quality settings is just fine and dandy and most people will be able to handle 60MB files without too much waiting I'm sure. If I was to think outside the box regarding a swinger solo site like this I would say go HD. I'm sure a HD camera will be an investment but just think if we could enjoy a true amateur wife like this in crystal clear video, never mind, I'm just dreaming.

There is no update schedule as such but Alexis promises to update her page twice every week in addition to her blog entries and webcam shows. I'm guessing these updates will consist of a video clip and a photo set. The video clip then again becomes confusing, because will she update the entire fuck scene event or just a piece of it, and if she does how is one to know how many clips will comprise that scene?

The bottom line:
Alexis is anal sex loving mature amateur swinger and this is her website, that's the strength right there. She's into it when she fucks and it shows and already now those of you who enjoy sites like this will be anxious to get to know Alexis. The content is far from bulgy at the moment and browsing the site is little blah. Instead of just throwing the content up with a 4 word headline it would be great if more could come from it. Also the design should change soon because as the content amount grows this will become a hassle to browse and keep track of, date stamping would also be a good idea. The webcam is not live yet and that definitely is the missing piece of the puzzle here, I would have loved to have a webcam session with her to get to know her a little better. This site I'm sure will become very good, but it needs to get started first. Right now it's only for those really interested in this niche that wish to follow Alexis' web adventure from start to finish.


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