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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $4.95/2 days
$29.95/30 days
$74.95/90 days

Review of Meet My secretary:

OK, OK you really need to flip this name in your head as you might be thinking, like me, that this is a reality themed site where a guy fucks his secretaries. If that's what you are thinking, it's wrong, it's actually all centered around this Asian woman who's the boss, who has an awful lot of different secretaries working for her that she sexually exploits at every chance she gets. See how it's flipped? So the whole set-up is that this Asian woman (can't find her name) hires secretaries, men or women, sexually exploits them and them fires them “like 10 cents whores” (they actually come that cheap?).

Since every scene you download here will of course feature the Asian looking boss lady it probably helps to be into the Asian niche and find the boss-lady attractive. Check out the sample of her, if she turns you on and you want to see her in every clip, you might actually be interested in this site. If that is not the case however, reading on will probably be a waste of time as this site isn't gonna raise any eyebrows in the online porn industry.

I admit that I'm extremely enthusiastic about, it's not that it's a rip-off site or even that badly executed, it's just basically boring and it jumps between niches. I was hoping and looking for a hardcore boy on girl site to review and I thought this would be it, it wasn't exactly what I imagined. Most of the videos actually turned out to be girl on girl scenes, which of course makes sense as it's secretaries being hired. Still the first page of the free tour of the site lead me to believe that the boy/girl vs girl/girl ratio was a lot different. I found 9 videos out of 22 to be boy/girl so there you have it.

The best part of this site and the absolute saving point is the Asian boss lady (man I wish I could find her name) as she makes some great scenes. She plays the nymphomaniac boss well and seems to be genuinely be digging every minute she is getting fucked or fucking another girl. Her dirty is horny and she really takes control of the situations and plays for the camera. This is why fans of her will have a decent time with this site.

That was the glass half-full version, now let's assume it's the other way around then many things springs to mind. First off to begin with the members area is terribly impersonal. The site is sold hard on the fact it comes with other exclusive bonus sites, so hard that it's just jammed into standard network page. There is no intro text, it would be nice to have an introduction text from the boss lady or maybe even a video, that'd be cool! Instead there is just a list of the updates, start wanking, seems to be the message... boring.

As you go along other aspects of the site will fail to be on par with the expectations we get from visiting other porn sites. The update schedule is bi-weekly and so sticking around doesn't really pay off in any way if this site is your only poison. After you recover from realizing you have to wait a long long time for new content (extremely long if you are only into boy/girl) you also discover that you have to put up with sub-par video quality. The resolution of these wmv clips is only 360x240, a resolution that I would been quite content with 5 years ago, today it's way too low for me to enjoy. Of course the bitrate is just as bad at 622 kbps, so what you are left with is blocky and choppy video that's extremely hard to enjoy looking at.

There are of course no still photos available, but on the the bright side, the screen capture photos available are quite poor. Basically no photos here.

I would like to mention a nice twist that could have made this site stand out a bit if the quality had been better all around. For every video there is an option to download the video recorded by the hand held camera (by boss lady) or you can download the security cam recording (from the ceiling). This is a rather fun twists especially if you have a little voyeur inside you, and who doesn't.

The bottom line:
This is a boring site with a low update frequency, poor quality and no real niche to hang it's hat on. The site is hoping for the bonus site to justify it's existence as a porn site. Those bonus sites are indeed better than this one, but I'll get to that, this site on it's own just doesn't cut it for me though.


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