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Review of World Wide Wives:

This site is so much different from what I usually review and in so many different ways. First thing that struck me about the site was the it looked very ”amteurish” by design and by visiting the tour pages I couldn't quite figure out what the whole deal was. Honestly I couldn't figure out what to expect when signing up, but hey, that makes this review all the more important to get right so I'll try my darndest.

The first thing to know about this site is that it is more of a sexual community than anything else. All content here is submitted by members of this site who have created profiles here and submitted pictures or videos. The pictures and videos submitted appear to be submitted for no other reason than it get's the women/men off by doing so and most of them are looking for sexual chats or adventures with other users of this site. Like I said, it's a community and well in many ways it resembles just with all the sexual activity and swinging added.

The site is rather confusing on it's own so I'm just gonna be breaking down the sections from the members area very quickly:

The PLUS section:
Like I said already, nothing is explained and so I can't say for sure if there is an underlying meaning with each section that I'm not getting yet, might have to spend more time to see the exact pattern. However the plus section is filled with user submitted amateur shot material. This is where the wives show off their own shots and contend in the running ”Wife of the month contest” where we, the members, vote for the eventual winner. A nice contest that seems to bring in a lot of submissions from those who want to win, as well as from those who are looking for erotic adventures with other members.

The HARDCORE section:
All I said about the Plus section goes for this hardcore section as well. Here there is also a ”Wife of the month”-contest, at least that's what it's called too, but it seems there is a soft and a hard version of this contest every month. For the photos submitted to qualify as hardcore some kind of insertion in mouth or pussy is needed by a cock or something else.

The MOVIES section:

Pretty self explanatory I would think, however with videos I don't get the same feeling that all clips are submitted by actual swinging members. Usually stuff is submitted by a profile that explains what the person is into. In the movies section, the profiles are empty a lot of the time with no avatar showing, suggesting for-the-site-produced content. I can't possibly say that for sure, but I can say that there is also a lot of user submitted movies. It's all very amateur for sure.

The SHOTS section:

I have no idea what this SHOTS section is really all about. It seems like the photos are categorized by niche and this might be it? The photos are devided into 12 niches (outdoor, big boobies, hot blondes, stockings etc..). Some let me know why it's called shots section some time when you read this :).

The Willies section:
Tired of looking at the wives only? Maybe you ARE a wife and you are looking for a man to abuse, well then have a look at the guy's willies and see if one strikes your fancy. A lot of these guys are also looking for some nice wives to get an adventure going with and some just seem to submit photos of their dicks for fun, either way I'm sure the ladies will appreciate this section as it evens the playing field.

The bottom line:
I'm not in the market for any king of swinging or another sexual partner, but if I were I would probably hang around this site. People here log into the site quite often and people participate a lot by submitting photos and videos as well as participating in the chat room. If you are just looking for amateur user submitted content a lot of sites out there do it better and easier to navigate. If you are looking for a live community though and you may be on the prowl alone or with your wife (or your hubby) this site serves as an awesome graphic community site and for that purpose alone I'll recommend it.


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