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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Special: $49.95/180 days (Reg. $99.95)
Limited Trial: $1.10/2 days, rebills at $29.95

Review of 360 solos:

Ok so here's the deal, I don't know how much fuzz I wanna make about this newly launched site. The name 360solos.com refers to the fact that a new solo masturbation scene will be added every day (almost, as they say they will take 5 days off a year). Logging in to the site with that in mind I guess I already expected a huge archive of masturbation videos but I was quickly reminded that this site has just launched and so far the movie/scene total is 36.

In the spirit of staying honest my first impression of the members area was ”booooring”. The first thing you see is a white background with a lot of text basically saying the saying things they tell you on the tour before joining up (plus there were more typos in that text that in my reviews!). Then of course the girls are listed, this is done like so:

360 solos model listing

Come on jazz it up for us, sell us the goods, that update listing is just so unappealing you almost regret signing up right away because everything looks so generic.

When you click a scene things look a tad more appetizing. There is a big picture with the 360solos on it and some thumbnails and next to the movie download options is a head shot thumbnail. Not much more to be done here, however it's just a tad above generic in presentation still.

For each scene you have the option of downloading the movies in wmv, mpeg or ipod/psp format and you have a choice of segments or full movie download, no quality levels. I downloaded the wmv files only and I must say the quality is mediocre at best. They have opted for a mix of 400x300 at 700kbps and 640x480 resolution at 1,2 mbps which one you get is by the luck of the draw. This just looked way too blocky for me and really, when there is focus on only one girl, I would like her to look her sharpest in the videos. When it comes to video quality this site looks like it was started at least 2 years ago. And just one other thing here that annoyed me, almost all of the videos are said to be 43 minutes and 40 seconds of duration (This must be a default time that they forget to replace) but the truth is a scene is usually just around 15 minutes.

Continuing with the inconsistencies some scenes will have still photos available as picture gallery, others will simply be screen captures. I don't get all this. If this site is exclusive and the content isn't shopped around for, why does quality levels not match and why don't they bother shooting pictures for all girls? Usually still photos are available though and they look decent, in fact they are probably the best part of the updates when it comes to quality, still not astounding though, check out the samples, this is as good as they get.

All the action the girls go through here varies of course. It can be from masturbating in the tub, to on the bed with dildos or riding a sybian. They switch it up as well as they can I suppose but with this niche what you really need to focus on is smoking hotties in a very high quality presentation, and this site just fails at that.

To redeem this site a bit they offer 8 other exclusive sites, I only took a quick gander at cameltoeshos.com (had to type in manually as the link from 360solos.com was invalid) and that particular site looks a bit more promising than this. Also the rest of the bonus sites are single model sites and that fits well with this multiple models solo masturbation niche so at least you get something for your money. By the way, another fun thing, when you go to the signup page, check at the top that it says $19.95 a month but the actual pricing is $29.95.

The bottom line

The quality falls through, the presentation of the girls is boring, it's inconsistent and as of now over priced. This isn't the site for fans of the solo masturbation niche, it's just not up to par with a ton of it's competitors. Outdated before it opened.


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