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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Cougars in Heat:

- a middle-aged (or above) woman, dressed to the nines, out on the prowl looking for young (20-35 year old) men.

All I can say here is: ”You go girl! Get that young meat!”. It seems this slang term for mature women is really catching on as this is the second site in the past 3 months I review that uses the word cougar. I think we've all at some point been fascinated by the idea that mature woman would take us under her wings, so to speak, and teach us the ropes within the sexual realm. After all who better to do so? If you have been or are still fascinated by this phenomenon you may be interested in the twist that Cougars in Heat has to offer. Apparently these particular ”cougars” are in heat and you know what that means, an innocent younger man is about to have a mighty good time.

Here's a setup from a movie that I downloaded and watched. A middle-aged woman is sitting on her couch in a very low cut ”dress” and stockings. A young man with no shirt on enters letting her know he was in the middle of weeding out her garden. She asks him to sit down next to her and after some small talk about how good he must be with his hands etc. she let's him know that what she really wants him for is to do things for her and to her and not the things around the house. Then slowly she gets him to rub her feet go down on her and the fireworks has begun.

It's this type of movie that you can expect here and I think these setups are not only fun they are also just good porn, even if not terribly original, they still follow a nice recipe.

As well as catering to the mature niche (with the younger guy thrown in the mix) the site also bangs it's drum a lot of the fact that it offers HD video, and rightly so. The HD videos here are are 1280x720 in resolution wit a 2,14 Mbps bitrate. If you are interested the resolution is what makes the picture itself very clear and the high bitrate makes sure that it does not flicker. And here is something that will make Mac users happy, the videos are available both in windows media format and Quicktime so we should all be covered and able to watch them.

Each update/scene comes with a very wordy written intro to the clip which you may or may not choose to read before or after watching the movie itself. It also comes with still photos and screen captures from each scene. In most cases there are some softcore still photos where it's basically just the woman posing as she becomes more and more undressed. There are also hardcore still photos some times but when it comes to still photos here in general it's inconsistent, meaning don't count on either being present. You could argue it doesn't matter a whole lot because the screen captures of HD shot video are very good quality, but still, either you offer the stills or you don't make up your minds. With the later updates they seem to be consistent and also offer .zip downloads but that's just the last 6 updates so far, let's hope they keep on track with this as the zip downloads are really nice.

Navigating the site is simple and you pick it up quite fast but you will have to live with a few annoyances. Example: When you enter a photo gallery and let's say you've gone through 7 pages, then getting back to the main page is no easy task as all you can do is click the back button 7-8 times. You also have to put up with some flashing ads on the main page you know for fleshlight and stuff, this is ”disguised” as extra, yeah we know what it is ;). It is however easy to download OR stream the exact quality level you want and you have both the option of streaming/downloading a movie in one sitting or go at it piece by piece as all videos are also available as 10 segments. Segments are only wmv format so the mac users, you have to settle for one big file (hope you can live with that).

At 35 movies so far the site can get away with the price of $29.95 for a monthly membership, though comparing to other more bulgy exclusive sites as well, it's certainly in the high end. To give you a bit more extra value they have included some generic bonus reality stream sites plus DVD stream access from but let me warn you, as soon as you go there you cannot click the back button and go back to Cougars in Heat (Grrrr). If all this generic bonus stuff is new to you, you will enjoy it a great deal, some of us has seen it a lot though and do not really bother with it anymore so it's more for those of you that are pretty new to porn sites in general.

The bottom line
The video here is the coolest thing about the site. HD resolution rocks and the women do a great job of selling the stories and it's straight up good mature/young hardcore sex in delightful video quality. The still photos will not win awards but when they are available they are nice. With weekly updates on schedule and an exclusive movie count of 35 so far this is basically a good site only with the annoyances listed above. If you think the price is right you'll most likely have a good time here.


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