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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/183 days

Review of Pure POV:

”Ooow yeah baby just like that, how you like what I'm doing to you? Huh ?!? You like that?”... Oops sorry I got caught up, damn this whole POV (Point Of View) porn craze, I mean it's like it's me fucking the girls. Ok so I'm not absorbed into the whole thing just because porn is shot from a first person perspective but like so many other innovations in porn throughout time it's always fun to try other angles than the the norm. Of course POV porn has been around for a long time but it's breakthrough came with the internet and over the past couple of years this way of shooting has grown increasingly popular and purepov.com is out to capitalize on this, so if you're into the POV angle flap out your ears and sharpen your pencils, or well, just read on.

I'm torn when I have to review a brand new site that just launched days ago. First of all I'm glad to jump on it right away, but on the other hand I'm sad that there isn't a plethera of content already, I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, even in porn! But here we are, the beginning of a new site from the people who brought such smashing sites as asstraffic.com, spermswap.com, primecups.com and allinternal.com so it promises to be a good one. Sadly they still have not dediced to make a one-pass-for-all-sites kind of deal per se, they do have the moregonzo.com site where they have the latest 20 updates for all their sites available though, but note that signing up for purepov.com is a membership for that site only.

The formula for this site in no way differs form all the other sites they have done. The girls are propped up big time with enough war paint on to replicate the entire Andy Warhol collection. Some call it making them look slutty, I call it porn! Some times I like raw looking girls pale as they may be with pimpels on their ass showing but I also do appreciate full body tanning make up that can make the woman body look ow so juicy (is that the work I'm looking for). It's still gonzo videos with no story to speak of, of course, it's just; here are the girl(s) let's get down to some sucking and fucking. And when you are in the mood for that, well this takes care of business.

A lot of tight fitting uniforms are used and personally I can't get enough of that. I would like to recommend Candy & July in their modified fireman and girl scouts uniform, man is that sexy. This is a great appeal to the site with the fresh costumes and a big plus for a site that as in danger of becoming mediocre.

The movie quality is as follows all downloadable with no drm or any other kinds of restrictions (plus the site fully supports download accelerators):

Download Full High quality WMV Movie
960x576, 943 MB, 3000 kbps
Highest quality, longest download time

Download Full Medium quality WMV Movie
640x480, 506 MB, 1500 kbps
Medium quality, medium download time

Download Full Low quality MPEG Movie
320x240, 266 MB, 750 kbps
Lowest quality, shortest download time

I watched 3 movies in highest quality possible and it was just awesome quality. Widescreen crystal clear perfection that I had a blast (!) watching.

You also get professional still photos for each scene that you can browse in high or low resolution if you want to OR you can just skip the browsing all together and download the complete set of photos as a .zip file (yummy).

The POV format works well throughout all the scenes, but again, you have to be aware that this is what you are going into, because you will not get the action from any other angle than first-person.

There are a few ads around the page, but in this case they have moved them to the very bottom of the pages and if you don't feel like buying DVDs then don't click the ”DVDs”-section, this is just for purchasing DVDs online.

The ”bonus movies” section is actually movies from spermswap.com and there are 50 of those available. This is also good quality but I guess because it's just bonus to this site, you dont have the the ”full high quality” option for these, hrmf.

As something new, they are allowing members to write reviews for for each update/scene. In time this might be useful as it grows, for now only one guy has written anything and it mostly looks like it's someone from purepov.com who wrote these themselves, but let's see if that should take off. Honestly I think the star rating from users is more than enough but if a good community gets going I might just change my mind.

The bottom line
This is a solid POV site that stands out by accesorizing it's models with kinky costumes and use full body make up. The video quality is impecable and it's a joy to watch. For now I had to settle for 17 exclusive movies and the 50 bonus ones, but with weekly updates this should be fun to have another look at in 6 months. At 30 Euro for one month to these 17 scenes alone, I would say the price is a bit steep for now.

Monthly - €29.95 EUR
3 Day Trial - €2.95 EUR
3 Month - €69.95 EUR

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