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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG

Prices: $24.00/30 days
$48.00/90 days

Review of Cindy Eighteen:

I am like a candy bar- sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Sometimes I feel like an older woman, sometimes I want something younger. People think because I am attracted to older women that I feel no feeling towards hot younger women. Quite the contrary, I can take women of any age, any ethnic background, any hair color, anything! I just love women, which is why I love showing you great ones.

Cindy 8Teen is a great girl. She is a young blonde, who looks on the younger side. She is very petite, with small breasts and a nice smile. Usually, its girls like this that end up in teener porn. They are very good looking, and very young looking. I think the theme here is pretty similar to the other girls who put themselves into sites like this. Look at me, I'm so cute, take a look at my breasts, I'm so naughty. Oops, you can't see that! Tee hee!

This site has a nice design for the most part. When I see the site, I think "big"! That is because the thumbnails and the pictures on here are very big. So you will find yourself doing more scrolling, but the bigger thumbnails are kind of cool. We usually complain about thumbs being too small, so I guess you can't complain too much when they are too big! Overall, the site is done really well. There are no annoyances, and you get a pretty good overall design.

The pictures are the biggest focus on this site. When you click on the very big thumbnail for a set on the front page, you are given a page of thumbnails that are more standard sized. Here, they are set against a black background with a hot pink border. This makes the thumbnails themselves just look ten times better. They stand out well and look sharper this way. I wish more sites would notice how well this looks when other sites do it.

The quality of the fullsized pictures is quite good. The full picture is 2112x3168, and it looks great. Some might prefer to take it down a little bit, which is fine, because it still looks good. The pictures are not perfectly crisp and clear, but hey, they are close enough for me. They look good and they are easy to view. Overall, you really can't make too many complaints about the pictures section at all. This is solid from the beginning to the end in all categories.

The videos are more like quick clips of videos rather than anything full length. There aren't a whole lot of videos here either. The videos come in MPG format and they aren't really too bad looking, even when brought to full screen. They are pretty much supplemental to the pictures, which is why you'd mainly come to this site.

Overall, my statement on Cindy 8Teen is that it is your typical cutesy teen site with a few twists. One would be that she actually shows you the goods. Yes, you can see her vagina! That rates it ten times higher than some sites. On the downside of that, however, is that the site is still numbingly softcore for the most part. Just because you pull your panties aside for a few shots doesn't make this hardcore. It makes it harder than similar sites, but that is like being the hardest softcore site- you still don't get it very hard!

At the time of review, there were a total of about 20 videos and 28 picture sets. This is a decent amount of content. Everything is timestamped and the updates are coming in pretty fast and furious, one every few days. That is also a definite plus. There are no bonus sites to speak of.


Overall, this is a nice site within this genre. They do pretty much everything right, but at the time being, its just a bit lean. I'd definitely recommend it if you like are a fan of Cindy or of skinny, young blondes in the first place.


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