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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $39.95
$29.95/30 days
$119.40/365 days, rebills at $9.95

Review of BangBros Network:

This is "just" a network site, a gateway if you will, that gives you access to multiple sites for the price of one. However this has over time grown to be one of my all time favorite porn deals on the net. It's been a while since I last signed up here, but last week I signed up for another month and a lot of things took me by surprise.

Ok to get started on this one let's just see what we are talking about. Well by signing up for this site you get full access to 15 exclusive sites. The sites are all hardcore sex sites and a lot of them use the "reality" recipe to add a touch of... well reality :). When you combine the movies spread out over this network you get over 1600 exclusive videos and they are all available for download straight to your harddrive and there is no drm protection. Basically I only know of one other network that gives you more exclusive videos making this one of the best buys on the net for porn.

Downloading the clips is made extremly easy on all the sites. There are two formats available; mpeg and wmv. You can choose to either stream the complete movie (640x480 1024kbps), or you can download it as wmv. Then you also have the option of downloading big files (10 minute clips) as either mpeg or wmv. Finally you can stream or download the movies as 1 minute segments in the mpeg or wmv format.

On top of the videos available for each movie you also get access to a matching still photo set. Also (and I dont know why they offer this) you can also watch screen captures for each movie. Honestly, with the 1 minute segments available and still photos as well I think this is reduntant, but who knows, maybe someone actually enjoys them ? Instead I would have made a function to download the photos in a .zip file, this is actually the only function that

the sites actually lack then again maybe that's just for collectors like me?

Here's a description and stats of each site:
Hardcore sex action with focus on the read ends of the models.
movie count: 160
Hardcore sex action featuring black, asian and latin girls only.
movie count: 120
A new site they have just started where they film their production office when they are bored.
movie count: 11
A hardcore sex site that features mainly european girls.
movie count: 120
The mother of all reality sites. The bang bus drives around the country looking for girls, when they find one, they pick her up and make her offers in the bus.
movie count: 220
movie count: 220
Hardcore sex site where the girls need to have big tits and healthy sized asses.
movie count: 200
This is a new blowjob site that focus on the art of giving cock massages.
movie count: 40
This is a site where they shoot hardcore sex scenes where the models have big tits. However this site seems to have stopped production and is no longer updated.
movie count: 50
When the girls come to get a porn job for bangbros, they of course now tape the auditions and make them available through this new site that just launched as a bonus site this week. Will be updated weekly it says, I can't confirm that as it still has not been live for a week.
movie count: 7
When the younger girls just can't do it right you get in a MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) to teach them. This site is pretty unique in the way that the mature woman teaches the young chick how to be a great lay.
movie count: 160
A mature/anal site that has also been discontinued and is now only offered as a bonus site to this network deal:
movie count: 10
This site features the girls being fucked by XXXL cocks which is cause for some rather intense and fun hardcore action.
movie count: 200
On this site a lot of focus is put on the pussy in various decorations, still the focus is on the cameltoe from the get-go before it goes hardcore.
movie count: 60
The premise is that the street ranger is basically a has-been nerd who decided to get a camera and go out and pick up chicks to fuck them on camera.
movie count: 60

This is a handjob site, no hardcore and no blowjobs, strictly girls giving hanjobs in POV format.
movie count: 60

The bottom line:
If you are digging the descriptions of these sites I can't really say anything against them. All except for 2 are updated weekly given you 2 new movies every day spread out across the network. The quality is good, the girls are overall very cute and good looking and the price of $24 a month is simply a steal for this much exclusive porn. I surrender to this network, it's just the ticket for a porn freak like me.


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-06-29

This site is super hot! I love the girls and be sure to check out Tugjobs and Bigmouthfuls.... Hmmmmm!

Comment by: Manny Rating: 07-09-12

This is my favorite too these guys get the fucking hottest girls I have been a member for 1 year now and I think I will stay for a looong time.

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