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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.85/3 days, rebills at $39.98
$29.99/30 days

Review of Lucky Lesbians:

”You should have seen me me last night, this cute little brunette ate my pussy like I had vodka in there”... Well aren't you just a lucky listte lesbian ;). I guess that's the idea here, the girls that get to play together are all so cute and good with the tongue that every girl's a winner babe, hense they are lucky. Let's be quite honest though, it's a lesbian video site and in this case they have chosen to also cater to the HD lusting people. In other words, if you are into lesbian action and you are looking for a high resolution of videos, this may be a site for you.

The first thing I did when I logged into the site was of course to download a HD res clip to check out the quality. I know that HD is really big now and especially the on line porn industry is taking it on with great enthusiasm and I can see why. What we should remember though is that on our 19”-21” computer screens, HD resolutions doesn't really make as much of a difference as you would think. Therefore, while it being very nice that the videos are getting better and better quality, it might be hard for you to see what the big deal is if you only watch the content on your little computer screen. Where you will notice the difference is if you watch it on your flat panel tv, say 32” and above, this is where the high resolution of 1024*720 (2224 kbps bitrate) really pays off. Still you will notice nice quality in the clips on your computer so don't worry about it :).

So the quality for these clips are good, no doubt about it, and yes it's HD resolution. However what was scaring me the most was the fact that this is a newish site and so the quantity of videos might be extremely low. To my surprise this site is already quite bulgy in size, a quick count shows that the site at time of review boasts 35 HD lesbian videos all accompanied by high resolution still pictures. All the girls are gorgeous and the action is just as erotic as great lesbian sex should be so I can't find any flaws in the content itself, neither the pictures nor videos and the quantity is solid with weekly updates, all good.

What I would like to burp about are the ads on the right side of the screen. Usually I don't notice ads that much maybe that's also because they are usually just placed on the splash screen of the members page, but in this case they are always present on the right. They are also mixed with links to bonus sites and bonus feeds pages making it seem very confusing what is advertising and what is not, which will probably make you click the wrong thing once or twice before you realise what is what. I think they've gone a bit overboard with 6 squared banners in the members area but luckily I am immune to ads and I just don't click them.

After the burp I should probably to find some redeeming once again. That's pretty easy to find really, because with your membership to this HD site you also have complete access to all the other HD sites they produce all in 8 HD video sites for the price of one. It wasn't like this at first with their sites but now they've come around and I'm very happy to see how much value I got for signing up here. On top of the 8 HD sites we are also treated to 7 reality sites of decent quality (not great) and 7 solo girl sites where some of them hit and some completely miss. All in all you get access to a shitload of porn, but the updates appear to only be consistent on the 8 HD sites with 1 new video every day spread out over the network. There is a ”newest updates” page where you can see the last 20 updates on all sites and switching between sites is easy and you do not need to re-enter login information.

The bottom line
This is a solid site with great looking lesbians, nice video and picture quality. There's no other red thread to the site which makes it a bit bland at times and the ads do not help that either. Still the site wins on content, frequent updates, high quality and a shitload of bonus content with a lot of it being exclusive. As I said in the beginning, if you are into lesbian action and HD resolution, go check it out.


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