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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$56.95/90 days

Review of Teens Home Porn:

Teens usually don't get much into the filming of sex acts. Usually, they are too busy with their camera phones and their myspace pages to worry about fucking on film. However, there are a few teens out there that do like to experiment. Videotaping is usually for the 21+ crowd. When you are younger you are just glad to be having sex, you don't really need much to spice it up. Also, with the amount of drunkenness you might come across, it would be very hard to even hold a camera.

However, some groups of teens do enjoy making home made porn. They are featured here, in Teens Home Porn. The theme here is pretty obvious in the name. I think it is a pretty fresh idea, if done well. When you go into amateur porn, you are usually dealing with women of the saggy tit variety. It would be nice to see a fit, young girl doing home made porn. I'm not saying it doesn't happen- just not as often as I'd like. So seeing a site dedicated to the younger generation of home porn was very intriguing for me.

When you first sign into the site, you are given a page that simply shows ads for other sites these guys have done. Not a good way to start out the site! Looking through the page, you can see the mentality of the folks behind the site. They are into spy cams, hidden and amateur action. Which is basically what you get here. When you get into the content pages, you are given one large picture along with four smaller ones to preview a set. This is sufficient and actually works quite good on this page. Beyond the ad-ridden opener, the site is simple yet effective in design.

The videos are the focus here, in fact, they are the only type of content on here. The videos are AVI format, and they only come in one quality. You can download them simply by clicking a link in the design scheme I described above. That makes them very simple to get, but does the one quality affect the viewing of the videos? I think not!

Taking a look at the videos from a quality standpoint, they stack up pretty well. Some of these are done in widescreen format with the bars on the top and bottom. Others go completely full screen. I think these are mainly taken from two sources, one being more "spy cam" oriented and the other being a bit more professional looking. The widescreen ones were the latter. Either way, you get a pretty good quality- not great, not bad either. It's definitely watchable here. If you are really into super slick cinematics, this might not quite be the site for you.

The theme here is that a lot of the scenes are being filmed amateurishly, and some are even on a spy cam. This means that you get a lot of stationary cameras. Sometimes you don't always see the action clearly. It is a sacrifice you must be willing to take to jump into the theme, however. It is pretty much across the board on all of the sets.

The action here is a mixture of solo, hardcore, and the occasional lesbian set as well. It is well mixed and played out well. The theme of home video/spy cam remains true throughout the entire site. You will have to be into this type of content to truly like the site, but for many people that will not be a problem.

At the time of review, there were 77 sets of content available on the site. This is a nice amount of content, but with no timestamps and no update schedule, we really don't know when the site was last updated and when it will be again. Throw in the fact that there are no bonus sites, the value factor shrinks a bit here.

The bottom line
Overall, a good site with a few flaws. If you are into the style, you will dig the site. Plenty of content to keep you busy for a bit, but with flakiness on the updates, that might be a big minus for you.


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