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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.90/30 days
$49.90/90 days

Review of Simon:

I have been wondering about that "scans" word. Now are they trying to make you think that they are sitting at home with old photos and actually scanning them, I don't know it's most likely a stupid thing to worry about when you are about to review an asskicking site.

This is a no bullshit, highest quality possible site. Apparently the whole thing is run by Simon who shoots his own models at various locations. On the web site you can actually earn a one year membership for this site if you can offer him an interesting location to shoot at.

Enough about that, the pictures you get here have to be some of the finest amateur shots I have ever seen, I actually think they are THE best. The pictures are brutally sharp and the models are cute, happy and sexy..... niiiice.

Simon has about 50+ models at the moment where he does several shoots with most of them, I would sayd there are about 300 totally exclusive photo shoots here, and that is it. No really that is what you get, and that is far from a bad thing. Aslo it appears around 400 new pictures (4 model shoots) arrive every 5th day, that's nice updating.

1 month: $19.95

This is on of the best damn amateur girl site I have ever seen. It's no bullshit, it's moneys worth, painstakenly sharp and ultra high quality. I love this site and give it my highest recommendation.

*Note that there is no video or other shared content here, it lives on it's own content.


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