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Review of Drunk Old Sluts:

Alcohol can do some crazy things. It can turn the most peaceful, quiet person into a violent maniac. It can turn one of the best good girls into an absolute slut. So isn't alcohol a beautiful thing? It can be if you are out there looking for some action. There is nothing that screams this out more than a site like Drunken Old Sluts. I know I've been looking for some old sluts for a few years now, and now I see that alcohol is the way I need to go!

Drunken Old Sluts is a site with a focus on mature sex. They take the mature theme a bit further by making these drunken mature women. I'm sure that makes them a bit easier. I guess the theme here is that the alcohol makes the women a little more open to sex with a younger stud. The way I see it, alcohol shouldn't be needed. Any older woman should automatically just give it up for a younger guy, but my being into older women, you can see why I would say that.

Signing into Drunken Old Sluts, you are given a front page with some thumbnails. These thumbnails are for the latest updates, the next updates, and the most popular updates. The thumbnails are all uniform size, pretty small but sufficient. The sidebar gives you a few different options; mature sluts, granny sluts, big tit sluts, and big body sluts. In other words, the site has a lot of sluts! I thought this meant a lot of content. However, when I finished going throuhg all of the "mature sluts", I realized that this was the sites content. The rest of the categories just broke it down a little bit more. This was kind of a waste as far as I saw it. If they were going to break it down by category, that would have been fine, but why put it all under mature then? Anyway, you get a combination of pictures and movies here, and the same size thumbnails as throughout.

I will focus on the pictures first. You will get about a handful of pages of thumbnails. Again, these are the same uniform size as the thumbnails described above. They are just presented as thumbnails- no text, no nothing. You click on the thumb and get the full size picture. It really is quite simple. They are definitely not breaking any design boundaries here. The full size pictures are actually quite big. They vary slightly by set, with some being really small and others being really big. The bigger ones took me by surprise, the smaller ones had me realizing what the site was really about. The quality was pretty decent, not super crisp and clear but definately good enough for me.

The videos were another story. If you selected a video, you got a page of thumbnails. Surprise, surprise, the same size as all of the other thumbnails on the site. If you clicked the thumbnail, you got that segment of video. The videos were segmented into 2-3 minute segments, and each of the sets had at least five segments, if not more. These were WMV movies, and there were no quality options or full video options. Overall, it was just a very simple design for these videos. The quality of the videos wasn't that bad when you watched them. There was a little loss of quality at full screen, but considering the shoddy design work here, I was expecting far worse for the quality of the videos.

I got a feeling of half-heartedness from the site, and that is my biggest complaint here. The thumbnails are thrown on, all the same size, just there. There are no descriptions, nothing really to further the videos. Sometimes sites can get away with doing it this way, but the design here was really basic, and I just found myself walking away from the site considering it a time waster.

With all that said, there is nothing really fundamentally wrong with the site. The girls on the site are definitely mature. They are a mixture of hot "milf" mature, older mature, and fatty older women. The action is pretty consistent being regular sex. Overall, everything works well, it is just so bland in execution that it drops some points.

At the time of review, there were 25 videos and 15 picture sets available on the site. It should be noted that the two are exclusive of each other, so there is no overlap. The site is updated often, with the timestamps showing a rather erratic schedule, but still a schedule nonetheless. There are no bonus sites, or real extras here on the site.


Drunk Old Sluts is a site which is decent in theory, but just could be executed so much better. Overall, I would say that there are so many better sites out there, that until they modernize up a bit, this would be one to skip over, even though some of the content is good.


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