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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$59.70/180 days

Review of Pure 18:

Update February 14th 2008

Site is on schedule with updates and exclusive movie count is now 49

I have been waiting to be allowed to publish this review. I found out about this site by accident as I was surfing the realitykings network 2 weeks ago. I found a few flaws with it one being that there were only two episodes available and it turned out that the site was not ready to go public yet. Well it became ready a few days ago with a healthy start of 11 Pure 18 episodes. What got me excited about this site a opposed to getting really excited about the other sites realitykings have launched lately, is that for the first time they are zero'ing in on the 18-19 niche. I suppose the ”pure” part indicates a guarantee that on this site the models are exactly 18, well I'll take their word for it but I'll just add that if I found out some were 21 I wouldn't feel cheated at all.

So, basically what this site is going to offer is hardcore porn action featuring 18 year old women. To make this a success of course the models must be perky, cute, have soft skin (yes I can see it!), ferm breasts and a nice tight ass... ow and of course blurt out cute saying and laugh at everything that is said to her. A site like this falls and stands by continously choosing the right models for the niche, if the recipe is broken too often the whole idea falls apart and all we'll be left with is another generic hardcore porn site. Let's just have a look at how holds up right off the bat.

Since my claim is that the models make the site, I thought I would investigate this angle first. Out of 49 complete episodes I am including ”profile” pictures for 9 of the models. Note that I have deliberately taken the 9 prettiest girls (I'm my opion) just to see how well this ”pure 18”-quota is met. Allow me to introduce:

What do you think, pass or fail here?

My opinion: Pass with flying colors!

If this is what we can be expecting more of in the future, this site is set for enormous success. Whoever finds and picks out the models for the site site is doing something very right. The site caters straight to lovers of the 18-niche who likes hardcore as well. Granted a lot prefer the hardcore part left out, this isn't for you, but if you are into it, this site delivers on all fronts.

As you may or may not know by now this site is part of the realitykings network, which is a huge network of high quality porn sites featuring exclusive content and where every newly added site is just more and more icing on the cake. (Check out complete site list to the right).

All the sites in this network (minus 1 or two) rank very high on my porn list, but the past few years I have started burping a bit about the members area needing a tune-up. I'm not so full of myself as to think that they have actually listened to me, but they have listened to someone, probably the members and done a complete overhaul of all the sites' members areas! This is one of the best things that has happened to online porn in a while. With bigger thumbnails, better overview, cleanup in how clips are displayed, zip file download for pictures, all these sites have just gotten even better than they already were, and this overhaul of course includes

Tech stuff:
Movies are available as:
1 minute segments: stream or download in wmv/mpg format
1/3 segmented clips available as stream or download in wmv format
Complete movie download in wmv format 720*480 resolution, 1500 kbps

Pictures available:
High res 800*600 still photos
Screencaps (for whatever purpose they serve nowadays) at 720*480 resolution, very good screencaps, and sure you get a bit more action in the pics but I still stick with still photos.

As this isn't a photographer site we would of course be pigs to demand really awesome still pictures and a more decent resolution of 1200 might be asking too much, even so it would give just an extra kick to the pictures to get a somewhat decent photographer to do the stills. It's not that they are flatout bad infact they are very sharp 95% of the time, but you do have your blurrys and occasional odd shots in there. Overall though I would say their still pictures have improved nicely.

The movie quality is very standard as you can probably tell. They still haven't switched to offering HD movies (with so much content it might just take up an insane amount of space I realise) but they have started shooting in 16:9 format and I think porn deserves this just as much as any Hollywood production, don't you?

Everything is in order with this site, the action is hardcore, the girls are giggly, the quality is good and now the design and layout for navigation is much more intuitive and easier to grasp right away. My burp would be the banners on the right of every site's ”home” page, this I could have easily done without but after a while of course I didn't notice it.

Bottom line:
Probably the freshest and best produced site from realitykings for the past 2 years. With they have hit a homerun and now cover one more niche over a network of sites that is sure to satisfy anyone with a hunger for hardcore or even lesbian action. Pure18 is, as it grows, on it's way to becoming one of the sites in it's genre 18/hardcore and I really enjoyed myself here.


Reader comments:

Comment by: Ann90 Rating: 16-01-20


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