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Review of A Measure of Curiosity:

A Measure of Curiousity. Wow, that doesn't really sound like a naked girl website. This is a rather softcore site, but still, that definitely doesn't have the ring to it. So I am sitting here wondering what it does sound like. Well, my first choice would be the latest Dream Theater album. It also has the name of a mystery book. Maybe not one of those ultra-evil mysteries, but the type of mystery my mom would be reading. So while it may not sound like a site we are reviewing, we are, and those curious can now see what the site is all about.

A Measure of Curiousity's main theme is seeing beautiful women strip. The women they feature here are naturally beautiful, with very little touchup needed on them. That is part of their mission statement. The other part basically says, seeing naked women all day long is a little boring- so let's see how they got naked. They start out fully clothed, and then strip for us. I like the idea, but realistically, a lot of the things we review here start out with clothed women. But I will give them a slide just for the originality that they display here.

When you sign into A Measure of Curiousity, you get a page which shows all of the updates. There is a horizontal blurb, along with a date and a very small thumbnail. Normally, I would be pissing it up about this kind of design. But the design looks good, and that is very important here. It is a very simple design, but again, it looks really cool. They make the little thumbnails black and white, and against a grayish-blue background, they look nice. Instead of looking thrown together, it actually looks really well thought out, even though it is still simple. I was a big fan of this, there aren't many sites that look like this, and they did a good job with what they did.

One of my biggest draws to this site where the photo stories. I know some sites have tried this, albeit halfassed. Here, they put some intelligent, decent text to the photos. So it reads like a storybook, and I thought that was a pretty cool approach. I guess the best part is that the actual writing is pretty decent here. No broken english or jackassspeak here. Instead, you get a well written story to accompany these well taken pictures. The pictures you get here aren't super big, they are more like slightly bigger thumbnails. From here, you can click on them and get some nice sized pictures as well. The photography is extremely well done, and everything here is done in a very classy manner.

The stories aren't all the site has to offer. They also have pictures in the solo, audition, and audience strip categories. These are more like traditional photo sets, yet they still keep up the excellent quality of the photos. There are things like stripping games and interviews. The interviews are basically girls being stripped. Again, that is the main focus here- girls with their clothes on, then taking them off! I like the idea, I'd like it more if the girls were in my living room!

I think the only real complaint I can come up with here is that there are no zip file downloads of the pictures here. The pictures are really good, and there are some sets I would have definitely downloaded Zips of had they been available.

This is basically a pictures-only site. So I will jump right into the discussion of the women here. They say that they aim to have naturally beautiful women on this site. I think they did a very good job with that. These are some very attractive women, model-like in many cases. Even those that might be a little below average in the looks, still had slamming bodies. Overall, the women here were very impressive. The action doesn't get much past stripping- but I think everything fits in nicely here.

At the time of review, there were a total of 70 story sets, in addition to all of the other content. All together, you are looking to see at least 150 sets of pictures here. That is a nice chunk of content, with it all being done very well. Add in weekly updates and a nice price, and I was really into this site.


Overall, I really liked this site. It has a unique approach and looks really good. There were a few bells and whistles that probably could have been added, but overall, this was a nice softcore stripping photo site!


$14.95- One Month Membership (Rebills at $12.95)
$27.95- Two Month Membership (No Rebills)

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