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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$95.95/365 days

Review of Watch for Beauty:

Everyone loves a beautiful woman. If we take a stance away from the porn for a minute, and look at what we like in a woman, it's almost the same no matter what style you are into. You like pretty faces, no matter what body you prefer. Nice smiles, perfect skin, and a smoothness to them. I don't think many people would turn those characteristics away. I guess my real point is that everyone loves a beautiful woman, it's just that their ideas of beautiful might be different.

Watch 4 Beauty is a site which focuses on beautiful women. This is a mainly softcore site, with a focus on the girls moreso than any action of them. We've seen a lot of sites like this before, so we are looking more for what Watch 4 Beauty does to separate themselves from the others moreso than what they do overall. Anybody who has seen a site like this knows it can be reviewed easily.

The design of Watch 4 Beauty is a little convoluted at first, but it cleans up nicely. The easiest way to surf the site would be to use the sidebar link for models and just check out the models individually. This will take you to a models page, which shows all the sets she has been in. The set thumbnails, of course, look like magazine covers. Is there some kind of secret agreement that if you make a site like this, you have to do the magazine cover thumbnail? It was cool at first, but now its getting old. Anyway, if you click into the girls cover, you click the cover again (what?), and then you are given a page of thumbnails.

They go for a minimal type picture page here. What I like about this is that there is more focus put into the individual pictures, instead of just snapping everything and throwing that online. There might not be a huge amount of pictures per set (around 50 is the norm) but you do get some well thought out, quality shots here. The thumbnails are fairly big, and you have options with the actual pictures. You can see them in 1200, 2000, and 4992px. That goes from great to stunning! You can also download all of the pictures in any given set in any of those qualities as a zip file.

It should go without saying that the picture quality here is great. They do a very good job at giving us some great pictures. Each picture, even at lowest quality, is very clear and looks great. You can zoom in and out and get a very good picture quality. Overall, it works very good and I thought they did a very admirable job here. I know I was poking fun at the magazine cover aspect of the site earlier, but seriously, a lot of magazines could learn a lot from the excellent photography displayed on this site.

There are also a few handfuls of videos here. The style of the page is very similar to what I described for the picture sets. I am going to skip out of looking and reviewing the videos for you. When I opened one, I got a crazy error and I'm not going to research it. Basically, these are three minute clips, and pretty softcore action. I'm sure they are nice little compliments to the pictures, but the pictures are really the stars here.

This site will be classified as softcore, mainly because there is no penetration. However, for a softcore site, this would closer to hardcore than a lot of the ones I've reviewed. This is simply because of the pussy. There is more focus on the pussy, with closer up shots and whatnot. So while this is still a softcore site, they aren't as soft as others we've reviewed here!

At the time of review, there were a total of 325 sets of content. There were 78 models, and 31 video clips. This is a nice amount of content for any type of site, and is really good for this site. With weekly updates and a lot of content already, this is a nice bang for your buck as well.


If you are sick of hardcore action, you might want to just Watch 4 Beauty. It definitely ranks up there with the top softcore sites, and has beautiful women and a lot of content to boot!


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