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Review of Taxi Spy Video:

I'm sure a lot of you remember the song, Love In An Elevator. Pretty cool song. But elevators aren't the only risky places people go to have sex. In fact, songs can be written for the park, the car, the baseball stadium, and the public restroom. I think George Michael would have to sing the latter! One place people are prone to get busy is in the back of a taxi. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind this. Maybe its just that there is nothing else to do in the backseat of a taxi!

Taxi Spy Video shows us some of these couples, having their sex in the backseat of a taxi. Little do they know (or do they?) that there is a spy camera watching their every move. Honestly, who knows if this is scripted or not. If its not, there are some lawsuits waiting to be had here. I hope they are not playing off the fact that the driver doesn't know whats going on, because thats impossible. I found this to be a pretty cool, fresh theme. Mixing the "taxi sex" theme with the spy cam scene works in two ways. First of all, it comes across as a pornographic Taxicab Confessions, as if some of those weren't saucy enough. Secondly, you get a nice, closeup spy cam which makes for a good video quality.

The setup of Taxi Spy is pretty nice. The main page is kind of a waste, just showcasing ad sites and whatnot and not showing any real content. However, get into the sets page, and you get five sets per page, with some very big thumbnails showcasing the action. There is a little description to accompany this as well, but it doesn't really say a whole lot. You can download the video right from this page by clicking a link.

The video is only available in one quality WMV format. The videos were a bit higher in quality, around 1200k. This made for a pretty decent quality, at the same time, keep in mind this is a spy cam inside of a moving vehicle, so you're not going to win any awards for the quality. For what it was, however, it looked really good. The only thing I would really suggest is ditching some of the crappy music on the movies. Maybe it was on the radio, I don't know, but it wasn't good at all.

The videos are the sole component of the site, so we'll talk about them a little more than normal. They are all shot from a stationary camera, which looks to be mounted on the dashboard between the driver and the passengers seats. You can see the drivers arm sneak in here and there. The stationary camera of course gets the "spy cam" idea across as legit. The one thing that might tick some off is that the camera never moves, so some action isn't shown as well. For example, when there are handjobs and blowjobs, the camera picks up on it really well. Once the sex begins, it doesn't come across as well as it would in a normal porn. However, this is not a normal porn, so its acceptable. With this view, it's rare also that you'll catch a cumshot. So if you are into variety and cum, this might lack a little. At the same time, the taboo of it might make up for that! Just something to keep in mind.

The actors and actresses here are all amateur. While I have hinted that this isn't true spying, which I think anybody would agree with, at least they didn't go out and hire the ten most popular porn models to try to get it across as real. They look amateur, and while some are very attractive, a few others are not. I mean, I'll pretty much bang anything- but maybe not watch it on video afterwards. The action flows pretty much the same- get in cab, get undressed, suck, fuck, get dressed, talk to driver. I came across one scene with just a female solo, but for the most part it is hardcore one on one action.

At the time of review, there were 38 sets of taxi cab madness on the site. The preview page promises "regular" updates, which doesn't really tell us all that much. Regular can mean regularly never, sometimes! With no timestamps or set dates, we really don't know when the site is updated, if ever! While that might throw you off a bit, the site is part of a bigger network of likeminded sites, which we will look at now.


This is a cool site, different enough to stand out, and good enough to stand up higher! If what I've said here piques your interest, I would definately take a look- and watch out the next time you enter a cab with a hardon!


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