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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$99.00/365 days

Review of Diabolic:

I've been loving all these new DVD archive sites that are popping up because almost everyone has some new batches of DVDs to add to their archive. Diabolic is no exception to this rule as they feature their own productions where 75% (ish) of their DVDs have not been licensed to any other websites meaning we get access to a great deal of online-exclusive porn DVDs. I love the premise and after watching a Diabolic produced DVD featuring the ever so lovely Amy Reid I couldn't wait to sink my fangs into this meaty DVD site.

So I signed up for a 3-day trial membership as this seemed to not be limited in any way, and it wasn't, I had full access to everything. Well actually I use the term ”full” loosely in this case as my first real disappointment was that the greater part of the DVDs could only be streamed... The agony... the pain! Actually I don't have any problems recording WMV streams if I really want to but I do hate the extra work to bulk up my porn collection.
Just to put a positive spin on the streaming I experienced no connection problems at all and was able to watch all the clips in high resolution with no notable interruptions. Also there actually are people that like start watching right away, this of course could also be option next to the download without problems at all, so we're still talking about a ”missing feature”.

I’ve had some webmasters mail me asking why I hate streaming videos as I can always watch them anyway, I just have to log in. Well, for me, the thing is that I like to go on porn-benders, I mean really downloading a SHITLOAD of porn movies over a nights time so that I can watch new porn all the other days of the week right away when I feel the ”urge” (ow you, don't look so shocked!). With streams you have to bring up the site, log in, browse, find, click, re-enter user information and hope that there are no connection problems that day. Heck, given the choice between DRM downloaded files and streaming only, I'd take DRM any day of the week and twice on (let's mix it up) Thursday!

Let's look at the content shall we. As stated on the tour pages you get access to their portfolio of 225 Diabolic DVDs. This is the biggest strength of this site and it's one that is hard to ignore because they have a lot of really high quality productions featuring some very lovely ladies. All DVDs (without exception I think) are gonzo movies and I still tend to prefer this genre over story driven movies.
The archive features such notable series such as: Gangbang Auditions, No Swallowing Allowed, Lewd Conduct, Down the Hatch and many more.

If you really want to download something there are some DVDs available for download, about 35 of them actually, weee. Well before you get too excited you should know that they know exactly which ones they wanted to make downloadable, meaning these are the older and slightly sub-par productions. They are still nice I think but I could easily find 100 other of their streaming DVDs that excited me more :).

The label really is an interesting one focusing a lot of rough sweaty sex with girls doing everything from deepthroating to swallowing and from lesbian to Dps. The girls are, as already mentioned, a great bunch of lookers with great bodies (nice tits and asses) and they are just nasty enough to make you horny without thinking Ricki Lake reject.

There is an update schedule here that, when I was visiting, showed you an update calendar for the next month and all I can tell you is that 10 DVDs are scheduled to be added the next 30 days. I was a bit disappointed to see that the DVD I bought recently had not yet been added, which makes me think that they don't add their titles until they have gone through DVD distribution faze for quite a while. Either that or they just aren't that fast ;)

The quality is nothing jump and shout about. You have the usual choice to make; ”Would you like your porn in low medium or high resolution sir?” I always choose high (I'm a bandwidth hog and I know it!) and in this case high was very nice quality and I enjoyed it without thinking the bar was being raised in any way.

Some of the extra stuff:

To appease the porn lovers (after they found out about the streams) they give us a bit of extra fun to play around with. First there is the Pictures section where you can see still shots for a lot of the movies. It would have been very cool if they had linked the movie browsing with the high-res pictures or even vice versa, but for some reason they thought this should be completely split up. It's a shame but at least there are some nice pictures.

They also have another pictures section which they have dubbed Office Whores. This features pictures of the girls who come in to audition for work at the office. Some pictures are taken of them there at the office and then usually you can also find a hardcore shoot that was taken on set of their first flick. A bit messy here once again.

The final fun extra is the dictionary. In case you don't know what the porn terms DP, gag reflex, jawbreaker or skiing actually mean you can find descriptive videos here demonstrating everything for you so you will never be in doubt again, I found this section rather fun and it was even educational ;).

Bottom Line:
As DVD archives go this one survives because their titles are exclusive to this particular website. They produce their own material meaning you have to come to them to get it. That's why I came around as well, as I heard it through the grapevine that their movies were very nice. They sure were, I looked over 5 movies while I was visiting and loved every one of them. The site loses out compared to similar sites by only making the movies watchable as streaming videos. Also the design and layout need some major tweaking and at the very least link the high-res pics together with their corresponding movies. Setting aside the weak design decisions and the streaming-only this site has a massive amount of quality titles, raunchy girls and fast action making it a very nice porn site that you might just have to check out just to get your freak on. I liked the movies, but hated the streaming, it all comes down to whether or not you can live with that, if you can you're in for some great action.


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