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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$95.40/365 days

Review of Extreme Naturals:

You know, there are big boobs, and there are monster boobs. Big boobs we can see in every day life. They are nice to look at, stare a while, and then head home and wack one thinking about them. Your monster boobs you probably will not encounter up close and personal at any point. They are the boobs you see when you go shopping for greeting cards at your local specialty store. They are the boobs that pick up beer kegs. Chances are you will not run into monster boobs when shopping for chicken at the market.

That makes the monster boobs even the more special. They are not an everyday occurance. Extreme Naturals is a site all about these extremely big tits. They are huge, they are there, and they can suffocate you! I guess the best way to describe this site is take your typical big boob site, and supersize it! There are lots of big tit sites out there, but this takes the idea of superbig, and combines it with natural, so it is kind of fresh in a not-so-fresh kind of way, if that makes any sense.

When you first sign into Extreme Naturals, you will notice a very familiar site setup. That is because it is the one employed by the entire Reality Kings network. I guess the next question would be, is that good or bad? Well, these guys have been around for a while. A few of their sites were the groundbreaking ones in reality porn and really changed the face of internet porn. With that said, they haven't changed a whole lot since then. So, the site design isn't terrible- but it could be updated a bit. You get smaller thumbnail previews here, and just one per set. There is also the entire bottom of the site which isn't too neccesary. Overall, it's a passable site design, but it could be done better.

The videos are the focus of the site here. The video page will show you a lot of smaller thumbnails, one for each of the one minute segments. As you can imagine, that gives you a lot of previews. However, the thumbnails are still small and not the greatest ever. It really takes a combination of all of the thumbnails to really get a good idea of the girl here. You can download clips or stream the movies. The options are the one minute clips, a bigger collection of clips, and a full video download. Here, the videos are pretty short, so the full video download might be the more viable choice for anybody. Still, I wouldn't want to sit through any porn download on a dialup connection. Thats when I'd still be checking out pictures! It should be noted that the ads are still all over this page as well.

The quality of the videos was pretty decent. If you went for the full video, you got a 1096k video which is pretty decent. At full screen, there is still some pixelation and whatnot. These aren't the most crisp, clear videos in the world but they suffice. While they could use a bit of an upgrade, they were still decent for what they were. Can't really complain too much, because if I did, one of these big tittied girls might smack me in the head with one of her cans!

The pictures on the site were pretty well done, independently shot pictures. I thought they looked pretty good for pictures. The pictures were taken off the same action as the videos, so its not like you get two sets in one, but it still is pretty efficient. The pictures aren't huge and they don't really set the world on fire with crispness- but they are effective as an additional component to the featured videos.

The girls collected on Extreme Naturals were simply hot, big chester women. If you are a fan of sites with big chested women, you will notice a few of the regulars here. Hey, theres a much smaller pool when you are looking for supertitted women who are also porn stars! So you will have your Gianna, your Jada Fire, in addition to a lot that will be new to you. The action here really isn't anything special- just some very well shot one on one porn with the cumshot coming on the massive jugs in many cases!

At the time of review, there were a total of 45 sets of content. If you are a longtime fan of Reality Kings, you will notice that the vernacular of the site has changed in a way that you suspect that there will be no further updates. There are no time stamps, and the wording has changed on the site where they usually promote the upcoming updates. That is a shame, but as a 45-set sweetener to the network, this still works pretty good.

The network here includes 8th Street Latinas, Captain Stabbin, MILF Hunter, Cum Fiesta, Big Naturals, Mikes Apartment, We Live Together, Mike In Brazil, In The VIP, Euro Sex Parties, Street Blowjobs, First Time Auditions, Top Shelf Pussy, Boys First Time (gay), Tranny Surprise, Wives In Pantyhose, Round and Brown, and Milf Next Door. One of the best reality networks out there, and no calories as well!


This is kind of a throwaway site for the network. But this networks throwaways can still outweight a lot of peoples hardest efforts, so its still a nice site. I would say if you like big natural ones, it's worth the extra few sets and a fun way to spend a night alone.


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