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Review of Security Cams Fuck:

They are always watched. Who is they? Well, whoever "they" are, they definitely have the camera power to do it. So whether you slip away to the back alley with a local hooker, or if you just decide to pleasure yourself in your office, you never know who is going to be watching. You might think the coast is clear- but it never is!

Security Cams Fuck is a site where people are caught fucking on security cameras. With this idea, you are basically watching action from a stationary camera. It is kind of far away sometimes, and it is a bit closer to the action at times. The main thing is- the camera never moves. This is actually pretty cool because it presents an authentic view here. But the quality of the action can suffer a little bit because of this as well. It is a double-edged sword here.

When you first sign into Security Cams Fuck, you are given a front page which only advertises the other sites created by these folks. The themes here are comparable to the ones on these sites- however, this is not a network of sites. You have to sign up for each one individually, which also makes this a low form of advertising. I wouldn't mind it so much if it was on the bottom or on a links page. But here, they give a huge focus on their other sites, and have no content on the front page. Pretty weak if you ask me.

The videos are the focus here. When you get past the front page, you are given a page with the videos. The content is showcased with thummbnails, a link to download the video, and some comments. The thumbnails vary in number from set to set. Some have two, some have four, its really weird how they set it up in an inconsistent manner. The thumbnails do a good job at providing previews for the video, no matter the number of them. The comments on the video were pretty interesting as well. I say this because they had some really intelligent, big words in them. At the same time, everything seemed like a run-on sentence. It's a real interesting mangling I thought was cool.

The videos only come in one format of AVI. The quality really varies based on the quality of the actual camera. For the most part, you get some pretty good quality. There are some that are pixely and blurry, and there are some that are absolutely freaking gorgeous (the blonde in the bathroom is one of my new favorite porn videos- wow! It's kind of weird that they have a sink down that low though, a little suspicious!) So it's really a crapshoot- but if you are looking for authentic (well, as authentic as you can get on the net) security cam videos, you know that quality sometimes must be comprimised.

The girls on the site are usually pretty attractive girls, with a few more amateur looking ones on there. The action varies, but I do like how the site throws in some oddball things to mix things up. For example, there is a video of a girl peeing in the coffee bowl before she goes to make the coffee. Or tea, or whatever she is making. Either way, they added that set in, to make the videos look more spur of the moment and offbeat. I do appreciate that!

At the time of review, there were over 100 videos here on Security Cams Fuck. The downfall of this is that there are no timestamps, no updates stated, and I feel that this is just a collection of videos placed on the site with no updates forthcoming. The plus side is that the content level is still pretty high, and it appeals to a certain genre where there isn't a whole lot of quality material available- so I think it might be a winner overall.


It's hard to create a site like this without 1) looking too fake and 2) having terrible quality. Security Cams Fuck manages to swerve away from those two bad points, and we have a nice, watchable group of videos. I wouldn't come here expecting perfection- but for a nice look at voyeur stuff, I'd say it does a good job overall.


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