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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $39.95
$29.95/30 days
$119.40/365 days, rebills at $9.95

Review of Public Invasion:

We are all, always looking for new ground breaking sex sites but believe it or not it's actually harder for me to find the really new cool stuff because of massive requests for reviews. The webmasters that seem to take the time to go around the, now expanding, group of review sites also seem to be the ones that follow a well proven money making formula. I know that looking through my request queue I don't see anyone thinking new at all, they are all just cashing in on all the major niches and with the whole gonzo boom years back it doesn't take much to slap a hardcore site together now.

No, to really find the stuff I (most of the time) have to come to them, probably because they are too busy raking in cash to care about reviews of their sites. Well this time I found this site mentioned on a couple of forums and I thought the whole premise of this site sounded promising and so I decided to join up. I've actually always found the whole public sex niche rather fascinating but time after time the sites have let me down with just some quick flashing of tits (everybody does that now right?) or pull up their skirts while walking. This excited me back in the early days of the internet but I've grown numb to it now and so I have to look for sites that take it further and public invasion seems to be just the site to do it for me and everyone else that are into the ”public scene”.

Just to clearify right away, this site actually contains nothing but straight up hardcore sex (blowjob and fucking) in every episode. To give us, the porn pervs, a nice idea about where each scene is taking place, every episode follows a very specific structure. Since the episodes are split into 3 segmented clips it's easier to describe the structure by breaking down what you will see in each segment;

Action breakdown
Segment 1: The girl is introduced somewhere on the streets and an ”interview”/talk begins.

Segment 2: The camera man keeps asking the girl questions till they reach their sex-destination, where the girl will start the blowjob of the camera guy.

Segment 3: After making sure no one is close the girl will pull up her skirt og pull down her pants, slip her panties to the side and stick out her ass for the camera man to fuck her right then and there. The scene is completeted with cumshots, sometimes in the face but usually on her butt.

If you are anything like me when it comes to porn you will start to not even download the first clip as it starts to feel a bit redundant when you have the 2nd and 3rd clip. Sure if you are into very long verbal foreplays you gotta get clip 1 as there is a lot of it but if you are into a bit shorter foreplay clip 2 does the job as well.

This of course let's me burp about how I would have loved one big file available for dowload as well but when push comes to shove it doesn't matter too much for this particular site because of the format. Infact, for me personally, I would have preferred if they could have made just clip1+2 as one big file but I'm sure a lot of you would not do without the big intro. But as you can tell by now, the episodes come available for download as 3 segments each segment being around 80-100 MB in size at the best quality level.

As for pictures you are going to have to settle for screen captures of the episodes if those have any meaning to you, or anyone else for that matter. I can't blame this site at all for not sporting high quality pics given that this is a reality-porn/amateur site which is shot on the streets by one guy.

At the time of this review there were 81 complete episodes available for download and there are no drm protection or any other restrictions on the downloads. I had plenty of luck running my download accelerator here and I got a lot of porn in a short matter of time.

The Bottom Line:
This site is invading my harddrives at the moment, I just can't seem to get enough yet. The whole site and the way the public sex is displayed gives it a very real and amateurish that hit a real porn-nerve with me. Also not recognizing the models was a huge thing for me. With regular updates, a strong and well done niche this site seems to me to be the best of it's kind out there, if it even has any competitors (we shall see!). Two big thumbs up and a guarantee that I will personally be checking this site out frequently in the future.


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