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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Busty and Real:

Let's talk tits. Hey, I like them, and I know a lot of other guys do too. Now, your degree of tit enjoyment may be determined by the authenticity of the titties. Some of you might like huge tits, but they need to be real. I personally don't even care for the big tits all that much, so there is no way I would really require a boob job under any circumstances. Today we look at a site for those of you who like your girls one way: busty and real.

Busty & Real is a site with a focus on big tits, big real tits. Real big real tits. I could play that word game all day, really. The thing with a lot of big tit sites out there, and some on this network included, is that the tits are obviously fake. You can see the fakeness when they are jiggling around. In the heat of the moment, some might not care. But what is better than a natural girl? I mean, the knife can do lots of things nowadays. It can make the ugly pretty, the pretty ugly, the fat skinny, anything you desire. Just tell me what you don't like about yourself! There is no nipping or tucking on here, just naturally busty women!

When you first sign into Busty, you get the latest update highlighted. Following this, you get highest rated, favorites, an ad, a poll, a random network update, and then the latest update again followed by nine other updates. Each of these updates has one thumbnail and then the relevant links. Overall, I would say the site was a bit hampered by the fact that the previews weren't really there. There is a lot of stuff on the front page, but very little is dedicated to actual site preview content. I think they could have definately switched some stuff around, take away some unneccesary things, and throw in a few more preview thumbnails.

The videos are split into segments, with a full download also an option. When you go into a video page, you get thumbnails for each segment of video. This helps out a bit with the whole preview dilemma. Each segment is available as WMV or MPG, with the MPGs being much more sizable. Also on the video page is a listing of all of the network scenes that this particular actress has been in. That is a nice little touch, especially if you are fond of a particular girl. I think these are five minute clips, the video is also split up into one minute clips under a different link. You can also simply stream the video. The options are pretty decent, but I think there should have been different qualities of WMV here, instead of having a decent sized WMV and a ridiculous MPG- I don't like MPGs just for that reason!

The quality on the site is good for the most part. I say that because nothing here is really mind blowingly good, nothing is completely bad either. It gets the job done, and the videos look very professional here. I would definately go with the MPGs in most cases, but either way gets the job done decent enough. When you start getting into the older videos- there is definately a loss in quality from the more recent stuff. It is nice that they have improved, but I think when they make those improvements, they should also upgrade current content. Not so much here, still enjoyable are the older videos, but a much lower quality.

Along with the videos, each set also has a nice picture set to go along with it. The picture sets are done independently of the videos. They are nice, clearly taken shots of the girls and are a great addition to the site. For the more recent sets, you can also check out screenshots from the videos. I've never been a big screenshot fan, but the option is there. Back to the higher quality pictures, you do have the option of downloading a zip if you really like the girl, which is really a nice plus for pictures.

The girls on Busty and Real live up to the name. Just because these are real titties doesn't mean they are small at all! In fact, the girls are really busty. They are also pretty in most cases. No "big tit beautiful" cases here that I saw. That, by the way, is my term of when a girls chest makes her face look prettier than you normally would envision it. It happens, trust me! The action, as pointed out before, is very professionally shot and performed. Everything here is very slick. The majority of the newer content is male on female, with the pictures taking more of a focus on the female solo but not totally ignoring the male either. A lot of the older content is female solo, so it is kind of split like that.

At the time of review, there were a total of 96 sets of content. This is an awesome amount, and the site is updated on a weekly basis, so it will be hitting the triple digits pretty shortly, which is a milestone very few sites reach. It's about half and half with the higher quality and the lower quality content, so keep that in mind as well. All this would make a site worth it alone, but Busty and Real stands in a network of tit friendly sites!

The network includes Baby Got Boobs, Big Tits At School, Big Tits at Work, Big Wet Butts, Busty & Real, Bustyz, Butts and Blacks, Doctor Adventures, Hot Chicks Big Asses, HQ Honeys, Jizz on My Juggs, Juggfucker, Mommy Got Boobs, and Racks & Blacks.


The content level and the theme push this site into a nice realm- sure, the consistency could be better, along with the design being a little borderline. Still, this is the perfect place to park if you like your titties big and real!


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