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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $39.95

Review of Flower Tucci:

Flowers are one of the nicest things you can get for your girl. I actually don't do the flower thing a whole lot. Actually, I don't have a girl too often either, so that is part of why I don't. But even when I do, I think it is a little cliche. The problem is, the girls really like it. I never met a woman who doesn't like getting some unexpected flowers. So even though I hate doing it, I will probably have to do it again. I would like some flowers for myself as well! However, the flower I would want is Flower Tucci.

Flower Tucci is an oddball single model site on the Reality Kings network. It is oddball simply because all of their other sites are theme driven reality sites, and this is far from that. I guess its a nice refreshing change, the only thing is, they don't change anything else. I've been vocal in the past that the design here needs a bit of an overhaul. Flower Tucci is basically just like every other site on the network here, I thought they might get creative and do some Flower-specific additions. It doesn't happen here.

When you first sign into Flower Tucci, you first get a site update schedule for the network. You then get the site updates, with the latest one having a bigger thumbnail and the rest having smaller thumbnails. After this, you get the network sites. The rest of the site is garbage, a mixture of ads and cams and things that we just don't need to see when we pay for a site. This is what kills me, if they took the space wasted in the bottom third of the site, and spend it on making the site content look better on the front page, we'd have a much better design. These tiny thumbnails don't really do the site justice. The only thing that saves it is the famousness of the network, and how we are kind of used to it and accept it here because of that.

The videos here are available as full movie downloads, and you can stream or download big movie clips (around five) or one minute clips (many, many clips!) The one cool thing about them having one minute clips is that there is a thumbnail for each clip, and that gives you a better idea of the way the set moves along. Of course, that also gives us a very long video page, which would be a minus here. Luckily they provide the bigger clip download links at the top, or else your scrolling finger would be sore by the third set! Overall, the options here aren't that bad, although I think the quality could use a bump even for the full video download.

The full videos weigh in at about 1100k, and they look good. Just good. There is a lot of pixelation even at this quality. The picture is definitely not the cleanest I've seen. I don't want to sound like I am full of complaints, but they could definitely have bumped this up a notch for a better quality. Also, I don't like how the movies lag behind when I try to fast forward through them. I'm kind of an ADD porn viewer, I never watch a scene through and I always fast forward. So this was annoying to me. Overall, the quality isn't bad per se, but it definitely isn't perfect either. Also, comparing this to sites even within the same network, it seems a slight notch below, which is silly because I think they are all the same.

Flower Tocci has some nice pictures to go along with the videos. Again, I must be slightly critical because the pictures aren't too big at 800x530. I hate sounding so critical on a site that I actually like, but it is hard not to when they seem one step away from perfection with just a few extra things to be done. Still, the pictures look pretty good. You can also get some vidcaps if that is your cup of tea- not mine. You have a few basic tools like the ability to download a zip file as well.

The biggest thing I found about Flower is that she simply is average. I definitely wouldn't throw her out of bed! But my standards are pretty low as well. As one co-worker once said, "see that tree over there?" I loved worked with him! The point is, I like Flower, but I don't see where she would be a girl to create a whole site around. In other words, there isn't anything too original, unique, or simply stunning about her, and she is also not an amateur doing this. The action here is nice, with some lesbian, interracial, and lesbian interracial tendencies in a few sets and just some hot fucking in others! Flower is definitely good at being deflowered- over and over again!

At the time of review, there were a total of 14 sets of content on here. This is a fairly new site, opened at the beginning of the year. There is definitely some quality on here, and all 14 sets are good. They update weekly and seem very faithful to that. While the site is still a little light on content, the network that comes with it is pretty heavy, so that is a plus!

The network here includes 8th Street Latinas, Captain Stabbin, MILF Hunter, Cum Fiesta, Big Naturals, Mikes Apartment, We Live Together, Mike In Brazil, In The VIP, Euro Sex Parties, Street Blowjobs, First Time Auditions, Top Shelf Pussy, Boys First Time (gay), Tranny Surprise, Wives In Pantyhose, Round and Brown, and Milf Next Door. One of the best reality networks out there, that is the bottom line, because I said so!


Overall, this seems a little out of place compared to the other sites here. I think it might be considered a nice change for some. For me, I would like to have seen the change incorporated more. There aren't really a lot of cool extras related to Flower here, and it basically just plays like any of their other sites with a consistent actress. Cool- but could have been worked better in my eyes. That being said, Flower is smoking hot and naughty in my book and I can't wait to see even more of her every week :)


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