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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$59.70/180 days

Review of Money Talks:

They say people will do anything for money. I tend to believe that is true with a certain segment of the population. Some people really need money, and don't mind degrading themselves to do it. Others would degrade themselves just for the sake of doing it, with the money only being there as part of the story. Yet others will take the high road, keep their sanity and now do crazy things for money. Where do you stand? Personally, I tend to be near #1. I will do it if the money is worth it and it isn't too bad. How about you?

Money Talks is a site about people doing crazy things for money. Unfortunately, it is not about a hard rock song. Money Talks is almost like a videojournal webporn. The first stages of each video are very not hardcore. It is like watching a lame segment on a late night talk show. Eventually, this gets tied into some kind of pornographic activity. I thought it was a pretty cool concept, but I wasn't into it too much personally. Too much talking, not enough fucking to begin with.

I guess my biggest problem is that the people behind these videos were just full of themselves. It's almost a Howard Stern type approach to entertainment. The difference is, this is Joe Blow from a porn site and not a professional in the field. So what it comes across as is lame and dull. They definitely toot their own horns a bit here, even if not doing it outwardly. I know a lot of reality sites do that, but this is just added on to what we normally get. This isn't really a huge problem, but it is something I noticed about the site.

Getting into the site, the homepage has a pretty cool banner which looks more like a few preview thumbnails jumbled together than anything. Then we get the update schedule for the entire network. If you haven't been up for three days in a row downloading porn here, you can remember what day it is and see what is getting updated today! The network definately does have the content for that, but that is a different story whatsoever. The sets are shown with thumbnail previews here. For each set, you only get one. The latest set has a bigger thumbnail, the rest are pretty small. This gives you a very small preview of whats to come! The reality kings have been doing this for a while, and the design does work, but the preview system is one of the weaker aspects to the site.

You get some crazy options here for video. You can watch or download the set in four big clips. You can download one full video. There are also one minute clips if you are on a really slow connection. You can stream and download those. The biggest advantage of having these one minute clips is that the thumbnails for them give you a better idea of the action on the site. On the downside, there are over fifty per set, so that takes up a lot of space. The thumbnails are still not the best here either. Overall, you get some good options, but they've been using this particular design for years now and it shows!

The quality of the videos here is quite good. Of course, we went after the full movie download which happened to come in a nice WMV format. These are 1096k and look decent. Full screen, yes, there is a bit of pixelation. These videos show in widescreen so even in full screen mode there are lines at the top and the bottom of the screen. They have the logo watermarked on the bottom right of the screen too. It's not too bad but it is much noticable than on some sites. Overall, they succeed in bringing us some good videos- not perfect, but good!

The pictures here were simply vidcaps of the videos. It makes sense, considering what kind of site this was. Some of the crap they do here really doesn't even look good on photo. The only reason I think most people would even want photos here was if someone on the site looked like a buddy, or a buddies mom or something. This is a better time than any to also mention that they threw some ads on the bottom of each page, something that was also not needed on this site.

I guess my favorite part about everything here was that the action was really done well. First of all, the girls are really hot throughout. I don't know what it is about them, but they always pick out excellent choices. My favorite would be the two eurogirls in soccer uniforms. Can you say double yum? The actiom, as mentioned before, was kind of a downfall for me. They do some stupid stuff before we get to see some naked women, or sometimes women at all for that manner. To me, it seems like they are tooting their own horn and trying to be cool. Some might see it as entertainment. Personally, I download porn to get off and have fantasies, not be entertained. Your mileage may vary greatly. I will say that the fast forward button is present, and it solves a lot of the problems I've mentioned!

At the time of review, there were a total of 14 sets of content here on Money Talks. That might not be a lot, but the site is still in its early stages. The site is updated every two weeks or so looking at the timestamps. That means there will be more content to come, but there will also be a lot of sleepless nights spent on the network sites here! The network is excellent!

The network here includes 8th Street Latinas, Captain Stabbin, MILF Hunter, Cum Fiesta, Big Naturals, Mikes Apartment, We Live Together, Mike In Brazil, In The VIP, Euro Sex Parties, Street Blowjobs, First Time Auditions, Top Shelf Pussy, Boys First Time (gay), Tranny Surprise, Wives In Pantyhose, Round and Brown, and Milf Next Door. One of the best reality networks out there hands down your pants.


This has a cool theme, which I liked and I didn't like. I really enjoyed the porn portion of the videos, and thought they were done really well. I would recommend that you make your money talk for this site, and more importantly, this entire network! The bullshit does not walk here!


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