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Review of Crazy Club Chicks:

It's almost summer time folks! I guess that means its time for rap music, scantily clad women, and titties being flashed like crazy! Or at least that is what it means for some people. For me, it means being the whitest guy on the block, working hard, and having to wear long sleeve shirts in hot weather. I know, you are jealous, aren't you? Well, I can at least take some time and live the fantasy at Crazy Club Chicks!

Crazy Club Chicks is a site with a ggw-like theme. In other words, party girls getting drunk and doing all kinds of stupid shit they normally wouldn't do. That includes flashing the camera, chowing on some box, and fucking guys like me and you. Crazy Club Chicks focuses more on the latter. While a lot of the spring break type videos/sites focus on just some titty displays and light lesbian activity, there is a much more hardcore focus here.

Let me first say the presentation of this site is great. The preview video when you go to sign up is really well done. Unfortunately, I think they threw all of their eggs in that basket, because moving into the site, you get a pretty lackluster design. First of all, when you sign in, you get an ad for a personal service. I'm not into that, or the big sidebar ad you also get. You don't get much for previews here either. Each set is highlighted on the front page, kind of like a sheet of thumbnails. This really turned me off because there were a lot of previews I just skipped over for really good sets. The thumbnail previews are pretty random and don't really showcase the woman too well.

The videos are the focus here. When you go into a girls set, you basically get a thumnail for each segment. This gives you a better idea of what the set is like. These sets, like a lot of similar work, are often a little bit disjointed and weird. Most porn: you find the girl, and then end with the cumshot. Here, it is a little different sometimes, with action in the middle, lots of talking and bsing, just par for the course for this type of series really. The videos are available as WMVs in Low, Medium, and High. The video page also features clickable keywords if you are interested in finding videos on the site that are fetish-specific. At the same time this can give you an idea of what is going on in the set.

The quality here was decent, with the high quality movies having a 1500k bitrate. They looked pretty good, a little graininess here and there, but nothing to really hurt you all that much. The videos flowed well and overall were great. They did an excellent job with the camera work here. They also spliced in a lot of rap music with the introductions to the scenes. It really looked like a professional, well-done job here.

This content is also available on DVD. I'm not sure which one was actually available first, and if this is a case of a movie on a website or a website on a movie. Either way, it gives away the professional feel to the site. I haven't seen the content available anywhere else either, so that is a big plus for me on the originality side.

As I've mentioned, the stuff on here is very similar to the many spring break type sites/videos out there. The difference would be that I think theres a bit more hardcore edge to this site. Couple that with the excellent video quality and design, and some rap songs that you've definately heard before, and you have a very MTV feeling porn experience here. I liked it for a change, I thought it was well done on all levels of video.

At the time of review there were 21 sets of content. Not a bad amount really, not huge but also not really bad either. The site has no timestamps or any real way of telling how often the site is updated, if ever. That is one of the biggest minuses here. To counter this, a big plus is the extensive network here.

The network here includes: Brooke Skye, Kat Young, Casey Hays, Samantha Gauge, Just Sluts, Fucking The Help, Lucy Summers, Crazy Club Chicks, Acme Porn,, Always Pamela, Spank Hut, and Faith Belle. Basically some single model stuff with a few generic sites and a few decent reality sites thrown in. These guys are at their best in Fucking The Help, I think.


This hit home as a cool site for its genre. The biggest minuses are the entire design including the lack of update information. The quality of the videos was good and the actual work within the videos was excellent. I wouldn't recommend this site too much, but it is fun and its on a decent sized network!


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