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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
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Review of Doctor Adventures:

Usually a trip to the doctors is a painful thing. You are never there for a good reason. There is usually something wrong with you to go there. Sure, we have our yearly checkups, but when we do those, we fear that something is wrong until we hear otherwise. Sometimes we are going back to hear that we are fully healthy, which is probably the brightest of the trips. However, that means we were fairly sick in the past- so everything about the doctor is generally negative. Unless you are talking about extremely hot, big tittied doctors!

I guess my first question when seeing this site was- why the hell do my doctors not look like this? I mean, shit, if Penny Flame was my doctor, I'd be getting sick on a weekly basis. Holy shit is that girl hot. The theme here is actually kind of cool. Usually, the theme is on naughty nurses. And there are a few of those. But the fantasy here is that the actual doctors are the hot ones. That is pretty cool. Now, most of these girls look nothing like the old dude that jiggles your balls around once a year and calls it a checkup. That might make it a little more unrealistic, but isn't porn all about the fantasy anyway?

When you sign into the adventures, you first get the latest update, with one action type thumbnail there. This is followed by the highest rated girls and sets. Then there is an ad and a poll and a random network update. This is the part of the site I really think could have been trimmed down. Keep the focus on the actual site content, even if this is a network. We then see the latest ten updates, with the same one we saw above heading up the list. Overall, the site design is only flawed because it takes too much away from the actual site. Take out that middle crap, and replace it with some more previews of the site content here, and you'd have the perfect balance.

As far as pictures go, you have two options here. You can go for the vidcaps or for some high quality, camera shot photos. The high quality shots are still in the same basic content as the videos, but done as good photos. They are 900x600 pixels and are very nice and bright and vibrant. Sure, the videos are the big attractions here- but the photos don't mind taking some time to scream "look at me!" as well.

The videos do a great job at getting the content across. When you get into a video page, you get segment thumbnails. These kind of pick up the slack a bit for the lack of previews earlier. However, I still feel you are shorted a bit here, just because the thumbnails used here aren't too preview friendly. You can download each segment in WMV or MPG, as well as the full movie in WMV or MPG. The bottom of the video page, along with the picture page, also shows the other network sites where the particular model is featured. This is a cool little addition I can say I welcomed with open arms. More networks should do this, but at the same time it might expose them as using the same girls in several "real" scenarios.

The quality of the videos is good. The WMV quality is 1644k on here, and the videos look pretty good. Overall, they are not perfect, but they are more than sufficient. The best part (for some, at least) is that these videos are very, very professional looking. Downloading a video here will be akin to starting a porno, both in production values and in the actresses.

The girls here don't look like real doctors, I think we've established that. So what do they look like? They are pretty girls, but obviously very porn-type girls. They have the typical porn tits and the typical over the top acting in scenes. Sure, this stuff sells tons of videos, but I like my internet porn a little more toned down. But still, there are a lot of hot girls and action here regardless. The action itself is mainly one on one action, they don't divert too much from that theme. There might be one or two threesomesones thrown in, but it is definately not a regular thing.

At the time of review, there were a total of 68 sets of content here. Some have the girls as nurses too, just in case a hot doctor isn't your thing. I'm sure it won't matter once they pull their clothes off anyway. So there is a lot of content, and add on top of that an excellent network, and you have yourself a site!

The network includes Baby Got Boobs, Big Tits At School, Big Tits at Work, Big Wet Butts, Busty & Real, Bustyz, Butts and Blacks, Doctor Adventures, Hot Chicks Big Asses, HQ Honeys, Jizz on My Juggs, Juggfucker, Mommy Got Boobs, and Racks & Blacks.


This site is nice with a lot of content, a little shaky design but some great quality as well. It should also be noted that this entire network features a lot of girls with the same "look" So if the previews and what I've said intrigues you, you can get it times 13 here with the network as well!


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