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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $14.95/30 days
$99.95/300 days

Review of Pornstar XS:

Of all the lessons I've learned, one of the most important would have to be to always back up your stuff. This is my second go-round talking about this site. You know why? Because as I was putting the finishing touches on the review, my computer shut down. And did not come back up. At all! I was almost in tears at the amount of good porn, and fun I had lost. But not to worry, I am back in the saddle again and this time we'll make the review even better than before!

Pornstar XS is a site in a long line of sites focusing on made for DVD porn. Basically, these are older porn DVDs you could go out and rent. Instead, for one low monthly price, you can sit here and download the scenes. The videos are completely free of DRM or anything like that, so that makes the site even more useful to us porn hounds. There are a lot of similar sites out there, and the only real difference with Pornstar XS is that they do put a nice little focus on the actual pornstars here.

When I see Pornstar XS' front page, I have one thing to think of- and that is options. There are a lot of options on the site. You can view these movies in several ways. You can browse by pornstar, you can browse by scene, you can browse by DVD, by scene, by studio, also by date of update. There are a lot of options here, nothing too groundbreaking, but again its nice that you can sort by the actual porn star. It kind of goes along with the name, but there is a nice focus on this. If you like a girl, you can see her all over the place. I like it!

There are two different types of videos on here. This is my biggest problem with the site as a whole. For some videos, you can download the full scene in one full movie. For others, the scenes come as segments. It's kind of weird how it flip flops between the two, but it makes sense once you realize that the segmented ones are watermarked with Adult Bouncer. It seems that some of these are older AB movies put onto this site. They are also lesser quality than the others. It might seem like kind of a ripoff to people who already have an AB membership, but honestly, these kinds of sites share their content so mcuh anyways that it didn't even make much of an impact with me.

The regular videos are available in WMV, MPG, and iPod format. They are all available as full scene downloads, with no segmenting. They also have quality levels for the WMVs and the MPGs. At the highest quality, the Super WMV, the videos are spectacular. They are close to 2500k and they look really good. For the segmented videos, they are only available in the WMV format. The quality here is still pretty good, but not as good as the others.

So when I look at a site like this, I look at basically three things- amount of content, variety of content, and quality of content. Pornstar XS was very good in providing a lot of content. The variety is good, although not really specialized in anything. In other words, this is like going to a porn store and seeing a little bit from every section, instead of everything from one section. We touched on the quality- this site gets the job done in this aspect.


Pornstar XS is defiantely a decent site for DVD videos- again, if you've got a membership to another like site, this one probably isn't too different. But for a starting point, XS is definately a decent one. With growing content and a nice design and options, it can put up a fight.


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