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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $34.95
$29.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$99.95/365 days

Review of Cherry Petite:

Some guys prefer petite women. Personally, I am in the middle. I can enjoy a girl with a little meat, and sometimes I like them a little petite. It really depends on the woman. Either that, or I am just so desperate that I will bat an eye towards anything. What I really like a full woman, not overly big or anything, but just full. Cherry Petite is a petite girl with her own website, which we will be reviewing today!

Cherry is a petite brunette with a very everyday look to her. She can be a very pretty girl when made up, and look just as a typical porn star on a website. She can also look very natural, like the girl in your college class who is cute, but still approachable. This gives her a very nice gimmick and it fits in perfectly with a single model site. The site exposes all sides of Cherry, from the funloving girl next door to the naughty porn star. So I would advise you to site back and enjoy the ride!

The website begins with a little bio, and it is well written and interesting enough for me to click on the "more" button to get a full bio. Apparently, Cherry is Canadian and has been doing this for a few years now. The site continues with the latest updates, boasting 8 thumbnails of different sizes and shapes for your viewing pleasure. This is a nice preview system here. The bottom of the page has a little interview with Cherry. the side of the site is filled with different things like introductions, blog entries, personal links, just a little bit of everything over there to fill out the site. You need to scroll over to see the majority of it as it is right next to the update content.

The videos are actually designed in a manner similar to a lot of sites we've been checking into lately, while not a network, are designed like one. On the videos page, you get six more, different thumbnails of the girl as well as a portrait type photo. This, combined with your front material, gives you an excellent idea of the girl and the action in the set. Your video options only come in full video downloads. You can either progressively watch or download a video in WMV in high and low format.

The videos are a mixture of silly fun and some true hardcore action. There was one video I downloaded where the girls were just spraying down each others tits with a hose, and it wasn't too hardcore at all. There are others of Cherry blowing and fucking guys, which are definately way more hardcore. Cherry is also big into women it would seem, as there are a lot of different lesbionic scenes included here. The quality of these videos is decent when downloaded at high. Honestly, there is room for improvement here. The videos are quite fuzzy at full screen, and just not up to the standards of the rest of the site.

Cherry, like all good single models, also gives us a very excellent picture section. The pictures here are shot independently of the video sets. The pics are 800 x 1195 pixels and they look very good throughout the site. For me, the pictures are actually the attraction here, as they are done really well and showcase Cherry in a nice manner. The two sections really compliment each other nicely. The videos are good for the action, and this is better for the solo modelling. There are still some two girl sets in here, don't get me wrong, but the bigger focus is on Cherry in most of the sets.

There were a total of 34 picture sets, along with 29 video sets. Again, the two are balanced nicely. This is a nice amount of content, not too much, but not too little either. The site is pretty faithful in updating every two or three days, but that doesn't neccesarily mean that you will get a hardcore set that often. Just a blog entry, which can sometimes be very softcore and even nonsexual in nature.

While there are no bonus sites to Cherry Petite, there are some pretty cool extras. There is a streaming spy cam of Cherry which is supposedly on 24/7. Right now she is sleeping on a couch so it's not the most exciting thing in the world, I'm only jealous because I wish I was in the same boat. There are also nice cool little interactive things with the site, like being able to post comments to the blog entries, things like that go a far way with a single model site for me.


Cherry Petite was a nice little single model site that has it going pretty well. I would have preferred to see a better quality video, but overall the balance is nice and I would say if you like the look of Cherry from the previews, it is worth a membership


Reader comments:

Comment by: pornliving Rating: 07-03-22

Small breasts are still in style it seems, I won't come around that easy though ;)

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