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Review of Jan Kruml:

Jan Kruml is a photographer with a site that has some artistic, posey nudes for us to enjoy. I know, there are a lot of sites like this out there. I also know that the sites are also usually big on content, low on bs, and overall very good. The only problem I can usually bring up with a lot of these sites is simply that they are just not hardcore enough for some of us. Well, lets see how Jan Kruml stacks up to the rest of these sites!

Jan Kruml's tagline is Natural Beauty in Intimate Light. I guess that is a good thing, right? When you sign into the members page, you get a pretty unimpressive members page. It is just disjointed and not designed well. This holds true to the entire site. I spent more time looking for the content than looking at the content. Overall, this was a big problem with the site.

The photos are definately the focus here, as well they should be. The photos page offers one thumbnail from the set, and clicking on that takes you to the entire set. You can also save the sets as a zip file from a link right here on the photos page. When you get into a set, the photos are split into a few diferent pages. The thumbnails are done well, for the most part. They look decent and are easy to navigate. The site design here is a bit better, but still nowhere close to ideal.

The quality of the photos is also very good. I know they put a full focus on making these very nice photographs, and it shows. The high resolution photos are 2000 x 3000 pixels which is a very very high quality size picture. You can see lots of details on the girls up this close! And it all looks very good as well. I definately would say that the actual picture quality is the biggest plus to this site.

There are also a few videos on the site here. By a few, I mean a real few. I guess you can see the models in motion, the videos are very tame. The 833k video I downloaded was of a girl rollerblading naked down the street with some crap rock music playing in the background. This isn't exactly prime beat-off material for me, but I guess your mileage could vary.

My biggest problem here was finding the sets. The models page was an absolute disaster, first of all there are some bad links on there. If you do find a good one, you get about six pictures, and no linking to the sets whatsoever. What the hell? The updates page has thirty picture sets, and I know that this site has been around longer, but I have no idea if or where there is anymore content.

So there are about thirty picture sets on here, and about four video sets. Not exactly a mind blowing amount of content if you ask me. It looks like they flakily update a couple of times a week. Not really enough to get me excited, especially when you consider some counterpart sites update daily with content and can manage to put it all together nicely. There are also no bonuses here, but you can buy some prints of the pictures if you want to!


The biggest compliment I can really give is that these are some nice pictures. However, it is put together so poorly, and the site seems flaky with the updates. Even though the pictures are nice, there are tons of sites we've reviewed along these lines putting out work just as good, yet easier to navigate through and updated more often. I would suggest feeding your artporn frenzy there!


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