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Review of Diary of a Nanny:

I was reading through a singles website forum last night. It was pretty interesting, and I felt pretty good reading through the experiences of people in the same boat as me. One thing I noticed was a piece of advice, and that was to never let a person of the opposite sex move into your house with your significant other. It will always lead to affairs of passion. I thought this was kind of silly, and a little overdramatic, like someone watches too many soap operas. But then I checked out Diary of A Nanny, and I found that it very well could be true!

Diary of a Nanny is a Naughty America site with a focus on hot nannies getting it on! The theme is pretty cool, it gives what would normally be a regular old porno scene a little bit of a twist. It's not huge, but baby steps go a long way for me. Just like always, the folks at NA are able to make this a very viable theme with their magic touch of imagery and attention to detail.

When you sign into the Diary, you get a topbar that has a logo of all of the network sites. I like the way this looks, and it really is a good way to showcase network content. Of course, they also go the traditional route on the bottom of the page, but I think sites should look at doing something similar to the top here- it looks great, doesn't take up much space, and lets be honest- how much preview do we need for bonus sites anyway? The rest of the site is littered with several things- some samples from the sister network, and of course the current and past updates. This site is a lot less busy than the other sites on this network, and I think it is a better site design because of it! They should mold everything after this!

The video page gives you one bigger portrait of the girl, as well as three smaller action thumbnails. Overall, you will get a good idea of what the girl looks like here. The previews stay nice and simple, and make the site easier to navigate because of this. You have the video options of WMV and MPG. There are segments in 512k and 700k as well as in MPG. You can also download these in full video, and the additional options of Ipod and a 56k WMV. Overall, the options are good, but I'd like a higher quality WMV as a full video as well. Otherwise, this is firing on all cylinders with both options and design of the video page.

Into the actual videos, you will want to check out the MPGs for the highest possible quality. They look pretty good, but they are not perfect. I would think for a network that is so flawless in so many aspects, they could pump a little more into their videos. I'm not saying they are bad, they are great! But if you just throw like, maybe, a tenth more in, we are walking on water here! The videos run smoothly, and really look like professional porn. Overall, you will really like the quality here- they do a good job all around.

The pictures on Diary are also done very well. You can view high or low resolution pics, as well as having the ability to download zip files. The pictures are independent and focus more on the model posing and showing off her body. They are not softcore by any means, but there is more of a focus on the solo work here than anything else. The pictures look very good, and really showcase the beautiful women here.

Speaking of the women, so far, Diary of A Nanny has some of the best looking girls I've seen on a porn site. Sure, a lot of them are the tried and true warriors, girls like Penny Flame which have been all over NA among other sites. However, usually on the sites like that, there are some super hot, some medium, and some lower girls. Here, I was impressed with each and every girl so far. The action here is going to be your typical guy on girl sex, nothing to reinvent the wheel here, but the solid theme gives it a bigger push.

As of this review, there are only 9 sets of content on Diary of A Nanny, making this one of the newer sites to appear in this network. The site hasn't even been out for a month. However, with this being a Naughty America site, you know with their track record that the updates will come without question, and that they will maintain the high level of quality.

This site is considered a part of the "Tier 2" membership, which is a newer set of sites that Naughty America has been adding into for a bit now. These sites include Housewife 1 on 1, Asian 1 on 1, Ass Masterpiece, Diary of a MILF, Seduced by a Cougar, and Ass Masterpiece. As with the other network, this network is focused on bringing you classy, quality porn videos!


A newer site in the network of Naughty America, but it is already a standout despite its simplistic theme. I can't wait for more updates!


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