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Review of Stacy Valentine:

This is why I continue to write reviews, to punish the makers of sites like this. If you have ever bought a porno mag or a movie chances are you know, or have heard of Stacy Valentine. And granted she is a nice looking blond sexbomb, but that does not mean that this site gives you, your moneys worth.

At the very least when you buy access to these one girl sites, you expect a great deal of nice pictures of that model. Here you ripped off with thumbnail sized behind the scenes photos and a few actual photo session where the sizes of the pictures are still too small to make out. So no real content with Stacy herself. You can see some other picture shoots of other pornstars but this is all leased material and nothing at all is exclusive here.

They have leased some video feeds for you and you can also be permitted to even buy some movies if you want to.

"Thanks for taking the time to join my members area. I adore each and every one of my members. So have fun and make sure you check out all the sections that my site has to offer. Love, Stacy Valentine"

You're not gonna believe this....
1 month: $29.95

*Phew* The search for ripoff of the month is over, I was afraid I wouldn't find any by the end of this month but here it is a total ripoff. If you are a Stacy Valentine fan STAY AWAY, I have seen more and much better material of Stacy on many other sites, but this ain't it. Please do not get tricked into signing up here by the otherwise nice frontpage, it really is a ripoff.


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