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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.99/30 days
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Review of Lingerie Videos:

I've always had a thing for lingerie. Personally, if you see a woman in her lingerie, chances are fifty to one you are going to get a piece of action. The lingerie is just a precursor to all of that. So if you see lingerie, chances are you are going to see it all. Beyond that, it just looks sexy on women. It got plenty of us through many long nights in our youth, looking at women in lingerie in different department store ads. And if we ever got hold of a catalog, forget about it! The pages would be sticky within the first night!

Lingerie Videos is a site which focuses on all different kinds of lingerie in addition to the accessories that commonly go with lingerie. Here you can see stockings, fishnets, latex, garters, gloves, pantyhose, all that good stuff. The sites name might lead you to think its just a bunch of females gallavanting around in lingerie. Not true at all. Instead, this is quite the hardcore site- the females just display some nice lingerie while engaging in hardcore acts. Overall, pretty cool theme- it will keep lots of fetishists happy. While I don't think people not interested in this fetish will check out the site much, if they did, they would enjoy the content as well.

When you sign into Lingerie Videos, you get a page displaying the most recent content. First come the movies, then the videos, then there are a few random images on the bottom of the page. Finally, you get the top rated videos and movies, although the rating system seems a little screwy. On the side you get links to the different sections of the site. There is also a link for the webmaster's favorite videos and pictures. Then on the side, you can search by different category, for example PVC, Crotchless, and Ripping. Just to give you an idea of what is available. This is kind of a primitive design, nothing too modern about it but it really works for what it is.

The videos section of Lingerie Videos is broken into three parts. There are short clips, full movies and HD Movies. The short clips and the full movies are actually the same content, it's just that in the clips section there are segments and in full they are full. The HD Movies are just kind of on their own here. Even though there is a seperate section for HD, the full movies are no slouch in the quality department either. These are all WMV videos. If you are downloading full movies, you really don't get much of a preview. One thumbnail is about it. Again, this goes back to the more primitive design I was talking about. But for fetishists, it is worth it.

I touched on the quality a little bit already- but it is very good. The quality fluctuates between videos quite a bit, however, it remains good throughout. I think the reason it fluctuates is because not everything here is original to the site. Despite this, I still recommend it to fans of lingerie just because it places a lot of good stuff all into one site, and its not like this is the type of content that is all over the place on the net. So proceed with caution on the originality front, but I don't think it makes this a killer like some other sites do.

The pictures here actually add a lot to the videos and make the site even better. The pictures are originally shot, great looking photos here. Now, again, I can't vouch for the originality- but I can say that they stick to the theme extremely well, do a great job at presenting the videos. If you like a particular set, you can download the zip file instead of saving a million pictures. Complaints, yes I have a few. One would be that the thumbnail is not a thumbnail of the entire picture, which I really think defeats the purpose of thumbnails in the first place. To offset this, there is also a nice slideshow feature. Overall, a pretty strong pictures section!

The females on Lingerie Videos are generally really attractive. This isn't really an amateur site by any means. These are good looking, professional girls sporting your favorite types of lingerie. The action here varies between solo and hardcore male on female sex. There are dabs of threesomes and lesbians thrown in, but the majority of it is straight sex or masturbation. And yes, every video features some sort of lingerie in it to enhance the theme.

There are also a few extras thrown into the site. There are some stories, although not really related to the lingerie fetish. But it does harken back to the Penthouse Letters days. There is also a chatboard, which is used sparingly. You can go there and post comments and stuff, but it is primitive and also not used much. You also get access to another site by the same webmaster, Ambers Amateur Hardcore. I checked it out, and the majority of it was like this site, unoriginal content. On the bonus site, there is no targeted theme, so it drops down the overall feel quite a few notches.

Overall, there are a total of over 200 videos here. This is a nice gathering of content. Complement this with a heapin' helpin' of pictures, and you have yourself a good amount of content packed in this little site. They are updating several times a week as well, so the content continues rolling in!


While unoriginal for the most part, the site does have a lot of pluses. First of all, it is a great collection of porn for any fan of any kind of lingerie, stockings, pantyhose, etc. The quality is high, and while the design isn't great, there is a lot of meat in here to keep you satisfied. Overall, I think its worth a look if you are a fan of this genre, especially since the whole lingerie fetish isn't touched a whole lot on a bigger scale yet.


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