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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$49.99/90 days

Review of Kayla Kleevage:

This is a busty site, meaning the theme is just big tits and in this case they get as big as is humanly possible I should think. The site is built up around Kayla Kleevage who appears to be a very popular busty model. Kayla has been in almost every big-tits-magazine in the world and like she says:

"To be in this business and do it right you must have a love for travel, a lust for sex and the enjoyment of being a professional exhibitionist!"

Well I agree with you on that Kayla, but wether your homepage is done right or not is for me to decide right now, and I'm not too happy ms Kleevage (I'll assume that IS your real name).

First of all this looks like one big pile of crap that no one really bothered to make anything of. Everything has been squeezed into a non-existing design with ugly standard tables. The pictures are all of small size, though most of them are very sharp, but if you are running at a high resolution you can't help but feeling like you are paying for thumbnails.

I found some video clips in mpeg format there were 18 to be exact of 20 seconds duration each. Some of them were just s quick look around a pool, but they were all from this Score magazine happening in Florida or something. That's all the video you get with your membership, the rest here is pay per view, or you can find better by browsing through the links to all the other sites out there.

1 month: $9.95

Well the price is low, but so is this site's content and quality. This page really looks like it was put up when the internet was first made public and no one has bothered to re-do it ever since. The pictures are small and the lack of video and cheap add tricks really annoys the hell out of you. You get some pictures of some big boobs in small format, that's it. I can't recommend this site if you like big breasts you could try instead.


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