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Review of Self Videos:

There is something deviously kinky about taking pictures and videos of ourselves sexually. Personally, I don't even want to see myself naked- I am sure that there is not a huge audience for a video of me yanking my noodle. Even gay dudes would be like, eww, no! But there are some very attractive females who like performing for the camera. This has been exposed when some famous ones have been caught on video, such as Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, and even Chyna from the WWF.

Self videos is a website of ladies from the UK who have the same fetishes as the ladies named above. Well, that is what they claim at least. I was initially intrigued by this site. I was thinking it would be a nice UK version of Southern Charms on video. I thought it would be fantastic. Well, they use the term amateur very loosely here. While none of the girls here are known porn stars, they surely look like it. I don't follow stars so I'm not sure of their status, but either way, these are not your "girl next door" type. Either way, I can still enjoy some nice female masturbation, so I strapped in for the ride.

The front page of Self Videos is very simple. You get a banner, and then you get two thumbnails for the most recent photos, and two thumbnails for the most recent videos. This is really underwhelming. You have links to go to all of the videos or all of the galleries. Underneath this are the bonus sites, which is a leased network. I never like it when a site promotes its bonus leased matrial heavier than its own content. But I guess thats the way it goes sometimes. Anyway, a completely unoriginal and frankly barebones shitty way to introduce the site. On top of that, it is also a site whose last update was in 2005. You could guess from the way it looks that it wouldn't be around long.

The videos here are divided up in a higher quality video as well as a lower quality video. They are not segmented at all, but they are also generally shorter videos. The videos page is more like a models page, and when you select the model, they might have more than one video per model. There is usually not more than two per model, however. Each video has one small thumbnail for a preview. In other words- not much. There is a lower quality WMV and a higher quality WMV for each video available. The quality here is decent, but just not too exciting when everything is taken into consideration.

The photos on Self Videos aren't too bad. Each girl has a selection that ranges from screenshots of video sets into actual exclusive picture sets. Either way, the pictures look pretty good. You have the choice between medium and high quality pictures. Either way, the pictures are okay, but really nothing to get too excited about.

One of the biggest flaws of the site is the way it comes across. They are trying to push the idea that these are single amatuers doing this on the side for fun. That is fine, but there is no need to shitty up the videos for it. I don't need a minute of looking at a chicks stomach. Even if I did my own porn video, I'd make sure it was better put together than this. The flaws aren't in the women- they are very attractive. The flaw is just in general execution of both the actual videos as well as the site layout.

As I mentioned, the site hasn't been updated in over a year. While this definately sucks, it is never a deathblow for me. However, the amount of content they had when they died out is a deathblow. And here, there isn't a whole lot of content. There are maybe twenty girls at most with two sets at most. And we are talking at most here. Really, nothing mindblowing in this category either.


The site had me hooked with the concept- and it ended up being a pretty useless pile of junk. A dead site, just don't fall into the trap I did!


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