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Review of Mom:

We all need a little assistance sometimes. That is why we have maids, friends, and family to help us out with our chores. But imagine if you didn't have the money or the social background to get that kind of help. Imagine if you were all alone, an older woman with no man around the house to help change the lightbulbs and shovel the driveway. You might need some assitance. And if anyone out there is reading this and can relate to it, drop me an email for my phone number! Because I'd love to be a Moms Assistant.

Moms Assistant is a mature site with a focus on older ladies. Now, porn culture has sort of taught us to consider mature to be hot looking women in their thirties, maybe at the most early forties. Well, this is a true mature site, and the women are aged like a fine wine. That means your women here are older and maybe not the most attractive to the regular guy walking down the street, but especially hot for the mature fan.

When you sign into Moms Assistant, you are given a bunch of thumbnails right away. There are some for the latest pictures, some for the latest videos. The thumbnails are action thumbnails that show the girls in midscene. You never really get a good clean portrait of the women here. Needless to say, the sight had a bland look about it. Each of the thumbnails had a weak little description underneath as well. However, these hardly make sense. Oh well, jumping into the movies...

The movies here were pretty good. For the most part, the movies were segmented into four parts. The segments varied but were around five minutes in length. I don't really see why they needed to split these up, but four segments is pretty easy to deal with. However, the naming scheme of the videos kind of sucked. They would be named 012_chunk_2 and so forth. While I appreciate every video having its own name, these look like hell on a file list, I'm sorry to say. It also messes with your mind when you are downloading multiple segments at once. Overall, a pretty weak performance for the setup of these videos.

The WMVs you download are around 600k. While they are good lower medium quality videos, they really do nothing to set the world on fire. They are plain videos, a good amount of pixelation to them in many points. On top of that, the camerawork is often pretty weak as well. Overall, it just seemed like there wasn't a whole lot put into making the videos look good.

The pictures give you much of the same. The setup is weird, with just a few bigger sized thumbnails spread across several pages of content. When brought into full size, the pictures are a mixture of decent and crappy. Theres just a graininess to them that makes them really hard to enjoy. Overall, I just don't think they would stand up very well to some of the better places on the net.

The one saving grace of Moms Assistant is that it has potential. I mean, the theme is pretty solid. They have some women who really fit the mature bill. The theme of having the guy come over and fix things is actually pretty cool. It just falls flat a little bit in the execution stage of it all. Give this a better quality, a nicer design, and you might have something here. Instead all you have is a bit of potential.

At the time of review, there were a total of 38 sets of content here. This is an exclusive site for mature ladies. Along with this site, you also get access to Moms TV and Granny Dolls, both of which have less exclusive material, but more mature for your buck.


Overall, the site just could have been done better. The content was pretty decent, it was just presented in a way that could have been so much better. However, I did enjoy the sets as a mature fan- and bundled with two other likeminded sites, you could spend your money in a lot worse places.


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