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Review of Voyeur 4 You:

Voyeurism is a fetish that many of us have to some extent. Most of us would not turn our heads on seeing some unclothed titty we are not supposed to be saying. In a way, we are all voyeurs- it just is a matter of what degree we are into it. Well, those that are into voyeurism hardcore need a site for the likeminded. In the past, there have been some hidden camera sites and whatnot. Today we will look at a modern version of these, Voyeur 4 You.

Voyeur 4 You is a voyeurism site, based out of Japan. Yes, that does mean almost all of the participants here are Japanese. This might be a super plus to some, and a bigger minus to others. Unfortunately, the voyeur fad is just a bit bigger in Japan I guess. It seems the Japanese love upskirts. But before jumping ahead, the Japanese also tend to pixelation penetrations and shit like that- a practice that does indeed take place here.

Voyeur 4 You is split up into different sections- Toilet, Bathroom, Changeroom, Upskirt, Sex In Public, and Others. When you pick a section, you get a page full of videos. Each video has one bigger thumbnail, as well as an update type, a movie type, the length and size as well as a full description. The videos are split into different pages in each section. Even though most of the sections only have a couple of pages, it lists up to seven on the bottom.

When you get into the download page, you'll get a lot of thumbnails to showcase the set- 20 to be exact. Now, the sets aren't always complete sets.. I mean, they will usually go through a bunch of different actresses in one set. For example, on one of these toilet ones, theres a ton of girls using the same toilet, but it is still in the one set. That is why these videos run up to an hour long most of the time. There will be a good variety of toilet participants in the set as well, although, again, almost exclusively Japanese.

The videos are WMVs and they are both good and bad. Allow me to explain! The good of the videos is that they have a very good online video quality at 1628k, which is very high and makes the videos look good. The bad part about that is that these are voyeur videos, and technically they usually look like crap half the time- that is the joy of them. If you are just capturing regular sex, it's just regular porn. So you get all the trademarks of bad video- shaky camerawork, awkward angles, and all that- but it is to be expected with a voyeur site!

I haven't really said much about the pictures- well that is because there are none! This is strictly a video page, which is cool because there is a void of videos in the voyeur genre. However, some pictures would have balanced this site out nicely. Also, the videos are quite big files to download- some pictures would have offset that time and given us something to do while downloading the videos.

So what is the real lowdown with this site you say? Well, it introduces some cool concepts to the voyeur genre- such as a focus on videos, and a focus on high quality (computer wise, not camera wise) in voyeur. That is cool and something I would like to see expanded on. However, it also pigeonholes itself in the Japanese category. Furthermore, many of the sets are samey. I know its popular, but how many minutes and different girls can one see using the bathroom without it getting a little old? It just seems like they could have switched up the concepts a bit.

The site is updated twice a week, and already has a good amount of content available. This could lead to a lot of downloading on your part! Be careful, they place a 2GB limit per day.. but I think even that is pretty generous all things considered. These are big files, though, so that 2 gigs can come pretty easy on some days. You get no bonus sites attached to the site here.


Well, I think they have the right idea. The problem is, the site just seems a little too much like it was constructed ten years ago- and the funny thing is, that kind of fits with the whole voyeur idea. But still, I would like to see some more variety off of a site like this. The fact that it has the Japanese "pixel out the penetration" system in place doesn't help any either. The site is also very pricey, and I just think with a more solid setup and a lower price, this would be much, much more enticing.


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