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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$49.95/60 days
$69.95/90 days
$119.38/365 days

Review of Pink Affairs:

Affairs are the worst thing that can happen to a healthy relationship. Some of us have never been tempted. I would argue that those who haven't thought about it, probably have not been tempted hard enough. I really think it is something that everyone will think about at least once. Some of us follow through, some of us will just continue to keep the fantasies in our heads. And eventually, our heads will lead to our hands!

Pink Affairs is a site with a focus on European babes masturbating. Yes, I know, I am just guessing that the pink affairs is a veiled reference to female masturbation. Either that, or a name that simply does not make sense. Either way, the site has a focus on the girls more than anything. They are very attractive, European girls. Some sites focus on a specific point of action, but this is one where they really just place the focus on the girls.

When you sign into Pink Affairs, you get a no nonsense beginning. The front page has a quick welcoming and news statement, but we hit the content quickly here. The latest girl is highlighted with a thumbnail next to the latest news. After this, all of the girls are listed alphabetically with one thumbnail per girl. These are portraits, sometimes you see tits but sometimes not. This is a very good looking design for a "models" type page. Again, you can see the focus being placed on the girls and nothing else. The bottom is simply the tagline, "horny european girls shove as much into their tiny pussies and tight assholes as they possibly can." Hey, that completely works for me, and that is a good summation of the sites action as well!

When you select a model, you are given their personal page. Here, you will get eight different action thumbnails of the girl, as well as a bigger portrait. These are very good previews of the girls. You also get some biographical information, such as name, real name (partially concealed for privacy, but this is good in the cases of "hey, is that my neighbor!") hometown, country, and birthdate. A nice little profile of the girl, not nearly as extensive as some sites go. You then have video and picture options which I will now touch upon, as the girls touch upon themselves!

The movies here come in a resolution of 720x576. They are a pretty good quality WMV, and are pretty long in length. There is only one video option, luckily it is pretty good quality wise and also nice because it is a full video and not segmented. My biggest problem with the movies is the coloration seemed a little bit off at times. The video was also pixely at times. These are very good videos, but it just seemed like they needed a little "cleaning up" and were not quite as crisp as I'd like. However, I am nitpicking a little bit, as these are just little things, nothing huge.

The photos were set up in a unique way. I can honestly say I haven't seen a whole lot of sites use this kind of set. From the model page, you can either download a ZIP file of high resolution ( 1600x1067 ) pictures, or preview using some lower resolution ( 800x534 ) pictures. These "previews" look just great, and when you download the full set in full quality, they are astonishing. Very good pictures section through here!

I think the best thing about this site is that it actually utilizes pictures and videos effectively in its delivery. Both sections are about equal in focus and execution. That is rare on sites nowadays, where usually if there are good videos, the pictures are just a supplement, or vice versa. This truly was a nice breath of fresh air as far as thats concerned.

I think we already touched on the major points of the girls and the action- but let's touch them some more! Basically, the site has hot looking European girls touching themselves, sometimes with the aide of a toy. This is a solo site only, and focus is placed on the girls pretty heavily. You can even email each girl, although I'm sure it's filtered through some webmaster who has to read about how many people want to jag off in this chicks panties ten times a day.

At the time of review, there were a total of 41 models here on the site. That is a nice number, and a few of the models have more than one set of content! I would have an affair with each and every one of these girls, but they seem more interested in themselves. Kind of like my last girlfriend! The site is updated weekly with a new update. You can track the latest few updates on the front page. The site, from the look of it, is good at keeping these up to date! Unfortunately, there are no bonuses at all here!


Although we are cultured that more is better in porn lately, this is a nice little standalone site! The price is reasonable, the people running the site seem to have their shit together pretty well, and seem to have some nice service policies from what I've seen. Overall its a good job, and definately a site to be drooled over by fans of European women who like both photos and videos!


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