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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$59.95/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of DP Fanatics:

It's great to be fanatical about some things. Some people will take it too far, but it is nice to have something to be passionate about. For me, its porn. For you, it might be something else. Of course, you can also take it too far sometimes. I live in a town where the local baseball team are the kings. If I go around wearing the cap of a rival team, I would not hear the end of it. It's very much past the point of ridiculous. Good thing I don't like baseball! Today, we are going to check out a group of girls who are DP Fanatics!

DP Fanatics is a site with a focus on double penetration. The DP focus here is mainly one in the butt, one in the cooch, although it varies. As far as being fanatics, well, these girls seem to enjoy it quite a bit. I will be honest- this theme is really nothing new in porn, but with this take on it, the site is pretty strong and fun to watch. I like DP a lot of the times and I really liked this site.

The front page will start with a few paragraphs about the site. This immediately sets the standards of the site. They set them pretty high. This is followed by the upcoming update, showing one thumbnail of whats to come. Now we kick the site into high gear. The latest three updates are shown, each with one awesome portrait thumbnail to give you an idea of what the girl looks like, and then three action thumbnails to show what actually happens in the set. Underneath this, you get the top rated girls- each with the portrait thumbnail. After this, there is a listing of all of the network sites you might possibly be able to join (more on that later!)

The videos are definately the focus here. The videos are updated in a unique way. They are all ten segments long. A new segment is added every day. When a new set is posted, you then have to wait a little bit over a week to be able to download all the segments, including the final, full segment. This is good and bad. It really sucks having to wait a week for video updates, but on the upside, the site continues to be focused on updating daily.

The videos come as streaming WMVs or downloadable MPGs. You have the option of low, medium, or high for the streaming and medium and high for the downloading. The options remain the same throughout all of the segments, including the final one. Overall, this is a nice selection of options that will cater to any crowd. The quality of the videos is excellent as well. You get some nice, clear videos at highest quality. Really good stuff, while they are a bit bigger in file size, its definately worth it.

The pictures on DP Fanatics are equally as impressive as the videos. I wasn't expecting much from a site like this. However, they offer some awesome, professionally shot videos that just look fantastic. You can download zip files of either the page or the entire set. Really just some nice options and some great pictures. This isn't a picture site, but they do have a very competitive pictures section.

The girls on the site are very beautiful- again living up to the very high standards of this network. The action is double penetration as advertised, and as we talked about earlier. I will say that the action is shot really well, professional all the way through, you'll feel like you are watching a good porn, not a shaky amateur reality site!

At the time of review, there were a total of 72 sets of content. You see, updating daily does lead to lots of content! Just an awesome number that continues to grow here. The network is set up a little differently than most.

The network has a very unique way of letting you in. You get access to two new sites on the network every month. This might not be as valuable as letting you in all of the sites at once, but with the quality of the sites here, it can definately be worth the wait. I just suggest joining the one that interests you the most at first, and let the other ones roll in- its worth it! Theres a total of 22 bonuses, so it's definately worth the wait!


Highly recommended double dick porn on an awesome network- you might have to wait, but sometimes thats what you need for the best things in life. Great site!


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