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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.85/3 days, rebills at $39.98
$29.99/30 days

Review of Anal Hell:

Hell, as a concept, differs from person to person. To one, hell might be the eternal damnation and a life in fire and flames that certain people bring it out to be. To others, hell is kind of cool to embrace, and take a look at. To some, hell might be where some of us are going to for reading these reviews on this website. To me, hell is a really bad porn site, especially when I have to talk about it. Well, no matter what your version of hell is, take the time to check out Anal Hell, and let's see if it is heavenly.. or devilish!

Anal Hell is one of the HD sites on the network of HD sites we've been plugging along on. This is the anal site, of course. The hell is just kind of a catchy name and logo for the site. When you actually get into the videos, they are pretty much just your standard anal videos. Satan isn't doing the fucking or anything. So basically the hell part of the name is just to be catchy. It does work, so I'm cool with it.

The site design of Anal Hell could be a lot better. The front page is very jumpy. First of all, there is a sidebar that isn't really needed. This makes you need to horizontally scroll the page as well as vertically. The previews get mixed in with network updates, and in the end you only get previews of the three latest sets. There is one bigger thumbnail and one smaller one. It doesn't really do a whole lot for the sets. So if there are only six thumbnails representing the site, what does the rest of the page have? Well, there are network updates, ads, leased sites, a network listing, and a little strip of photo previews.

The videos are the big focus of the sites here. When you hit the videos page, you are given one thumbnail preview of each video. What? This is pretty crazy. Sure, you get two thumbs for the girls on the front page, but for the rest, just one. And in some sets, the head of the girl is cut off in the preview. This just isn't my preferred method of previewing movies, and I'm sure it won't be yours either. The movies are available in HD, Windows Media, and Quicktime. There is no real segmentation here, each format is done in full. When you click on a format, you are given a popup window where a streaming video will begin. You can also choose to download the movie here as a text link. While each of these sets are only available in full movie format, they split the sets in many cases here. That means that you get Joe and Tami Pt. 1 and then Pt 2. So I guess there is a sort of segmentation going on here. This might be even worse, because a side effect is that the updates will not come as quickly this way. The two solo movies are not done this way, but thats probably just because they weren't long enough to be set up this way.

The videos here are done in a high quality, as the HD branding would suggest. However, the videos are still flawed in a few ways. The first is that these are widescreen videos. You will get the black bars on the top and the bottom, and unless you have a widescreen monitor, it won't really do a whole lot for you. The second problem is that these videos have an odd watermark, having the site name and also the url to the 2257 information all the way across the bottom of the video. This actually makes it look quite shitty, and kind of puts the brakes on the entire "HD" idea. Now, the actual videos look great. The quality is almost 2000k at the HD quality. They look good both small and large, however keep in mind that the full screen videos will not actually take up your full screen.

The photo section is done in an awesome quality and size of picture. The pictures here are 683 x 1029 pixels and they look great. They are awesome at full size, very crisp and clear all the way through. There are also quite a few photo galleries. Some have corresponding videos, some do not. Maybe they all will eventually. Either way, the focus stays on the anal throughout the photos.

The girls here on Anal Hell are quite yummy. They used a great selection of girls, as well as a nice professional look at the action. The action here is anal, and it is really filmed and photographed well. This isn't some of the dirty amateur anal you see sometimes, this is a slick, well done anal fucking! Most of the sets include one girl and one guy. As I mentioned before, there are a couple of sets on here with one girl taking it on solo. The anal theme still applies, puttings toys in her ass.

At the time of review, there were a total of 8 sets of content. That is not a whole lot of content. On top of that, with the multiple-part sets, I think it will take even longer for this site to reach the content level that we'd consider good. They probably should have rolled out with more, but that is all hindsight.

This site is part of an eight site HD network. This network includes Anal Hell, Busty Solos, Lucky Lesbians, New Solos, Oriental Orgy, Sex Toy Teens, Simple Fucks, and Teenage Whores.


A weak design balances with a good quality to make a medium site. Taken as a network, this is pretty cool, but it could be so much more with the right finesse.


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