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Review of Ken Marcus:

"Ken Marcus doesn't miss much. His preternaturally level and penetrating gaze, from behind his trademark wire-rimmed spectacles, always seems to be composing, cropping, focusing, as if to organize the whole world into frames. The power of observation so evident in his photography's painstaking attention to detail is never at rest, even in casual conversation. Slender, compact and intense, Marcus' personal style has taken on some of the sharply-honed austerity of the images in which he now specializes."

That's just what every porn shopper wants, a text where your braincells have to go into overdrive to comprehend what you are reading. Maybe it's because Ken Marcus' pictures can hardly be categorized as porn, maybe we should just refer to it as art.

You get about 120 photo sessions shot by Marcus and they differ from great glamour softcore shots to... well, erotic artwork. It's visually very impressive and a lot of the pictures can knock you off your feet if you are into visual goodies.

With your membership you get access to some e-zines (reddoor for one) and Private Channels which is hardcore video feeds and pretty good too.

1 month$24.95

I don't have much to say about this site, it's a clean design with good quality pictures which are all visual goodies. If you are into erotic art the alternatives are few, if you just want some softcore porn you might wanna go elsewhere. We enjoed for it's erotic art and we would recommend others to go see these very nice pictures.


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