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When I think of honey, I think of Pooh. That big, ugly, retarded character. I don't have kids yet, but if my wife (which I also don't have) ever wants to buy some Pooh branded shit, I think I might have to ask for a divorce. I'm keeping the kid. I don't have a problem with children's characters. I really don't, its just that the way adult females will say "oooh look it's pooh!" makes me want to vomit. So when I saw a site called All My Honeys, I just wanted to strangle that little yellow thing all over again.

Instead of taking out my anger at the local toy store, I decided I would just check on the site and see if it made me want to strangle something else of mine instead. All My Honeys is really a combination site, made up of six honey sites these people are selling on their own. However, if you want to join up with one of those sites, it is ten dollars less than this combination of all of them. It's not really a network, because here all the stuff is contained within the All My Honeys domain. I really don't have a problem with this setup, it makes sense for the webmaster and the consumer.

The six honey sites that make up the content for All My Honeys are an asian one, a euro one, a latina site, heavenly, teen, and natural. As you can guess, there is quite a bit of variation on here. The focus is on these types of women, you can figure a cycle alternation when viewing this site. Each of these sites is a solo softcore site. Some sets might have two women, but for the most part it is pretty softcore through and through. I just need to reinforce that you are not getting access to the individual sites, but a site unto itself with content from all of the other sites.

The pictures are your big focus here. When you go into the pictures section, you get a page of 15 thumbnails, each one representing one set. For the most part, the thumbs are done pretty well, but I did run into a few of the "hide her face" variety. One of my bigger complaints is that they didn't really seperate the pictures by site or section. I know, its kind of easy to determine who is asian and who isn't, but it would be a nice feature for those who opted to join this over joining only the asian site.

The videos are also present, and actually quite good. They are 1312k, and they look pretty nice for what they are. It should be noted that these videos really aren't that long, clocking in around three or so minutes each. They do look good and they are a nice compliment to the pictures, but I wouldn't recommend this site to a video fan who doesn't care much for looking at pictures.

The girl quality on this site is very high. They find some really, really attractive girls to put on the site. They say that they go anywhere from unknown amateurs to professional models, and it really is true. I see a bit of both on here. Either way, they are really, really good looking girls that don't need any help in that department.

However, the site gives them a little help in the looks department. Looking at these pictures, they just look a little weird. They look really touched up, kind of like how you see in Playboy and other top magazines like that. This was probably the aspect of the site I liked the least, because I like to see the girls in a natural way. Even if they are unnatural girls.

One thing that All My Honeys is not lacking is content. There are a total of 1560 picture sets, and 375 videosets. On top of that, there is also about 45 confession videos, where the girls kinda just talk. Overall, that is a lot of content for this price. Just keep in mind the videos are short. There are no bonus sites, but that isn't so bad when you consider that this is combination of six sites in one.


You definately get a good amount of content for your money. The girls are hot, the photography is done nicely, and the videos look slick for this type of site. The site design is a bit lacking, but my biggest problem was the way the photos looked a little touched up.


$19.99- 1 Month membership

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