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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95), rebills at $29.95
Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$68.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Peter North DVD:

Male porn stars just don't do as much as women do for me. I am definately an open individual, but I just don't care about the dick. It doesn't do anything for me. So when I come across sites based on male porn stars, I sort of groan. When I come across sites based on male porn stars who I've reviewed in two different sites already, I groan even more. When I start looking at the awesome videos, well, that is when the moaning begins.

Peter North DVD is another Peter North site. This one has a focus on high quality DVD downloads from the various series that Peter has done. This site has the look and feel of the many downloadable dvd sites out there, instead of the other Peter North site, which has more of an organic feel. Well, anyway, this site is comprised of content formerly available on DVD. Some of Peter's greatest, such as the POV series, and The North Pole series, are included extensively here. Overall, I'd be more into this site if Peter didn't have two other sites floating around the net, but it is still full of a lot of fun.

When you sign into Peter North DVD, you get a lot of stuff. You get some of the latest updates and what is coming soon. You get a little bit of news. There is also a link to buy the DVDs. Theres also a couple of ads, as well as a tidbit from the guestbook and the ability to read more. What is missing here, you might ask? Well, there is that thing called actual site content. While there are a few minor previews, this front page really lacks anything of substance in regards to this actual site. Kind of sad. But anyway, you can click into the movies section to get the real meat. Here, you can search the videos by title, categories, series, and models.

The previews you get on the video page are just the box covers of the DVDs. While not an effective preview method, they redeem themselves as when you get into the actual DVD page, there are nine thumbnails per set. These are done really well and give you a great idea about the set. You can see individual sets by going to the cateogies page as well, but I don't like doing it that way personally. However you decide to navigate, your ultimate goal will be downloading the scenes. Each scene here is downloadable as a full video, with no segmentation. You can also stream if you'd like. The videos available are high and low quality. You can only get these videos in WMV.

The quality here just shines. Sure, the videos on the other Peter North site looked good as well, but these 2000k videos give us a nice step up. The videos here are also cool because they were segmented on the other site! One potential downfall is that the site doesn't allow download accelerators, but trust me, these videos are still totally worth it!

Peter bangs some amazing women in here. It should be noted that Peter is not in every scene, these are just DVDs associated with him. Anyway, the girl level is very high, and they all look very good. The videos here have some vague themes, but these videos are the epitome of basic porn. Done really well, they look really good, but there isn't a whole lot of theme built into a lot of these movies.

I don't know how associated this site is with the other Peter North sites, but I hope they are going to focus throwing their DVD resources here, and on the other network, place a bigger focus on the single model stuff. There is some overlapping content between the two, so if you've joined the other site, this might not seem as great a deal.

There were 110 DVDs on the site at the time of this review. Most DVDs have 4-5 scenes. Just, wow. The updates are coming in pretty fast and furious as well, which is a big plus. There is a lot of content here. The updates come in scenes, and not DVDs, but they seem to have a scene coming every two days, which is just awesome. Add into that an awesome network, and just, wow.

Included in this network are Silvia Saint, Devils Film, Silverstone DVD, Combat Zone and White Ghetto Films. Overall, this is a network of sites like this one- with downloadable DVDs and not a lot of hassle. Overall, this is excellent, and a great entry into the porn fold! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get a great amount of porn, albeit commercially available stuff!


Just a great site on a great network. Sure, this is what you could consider straight, generic porn. And some of it might be on your hard drive already from the awesome Brain Pass network. But overall, this is just a fantastic deal, and one I would suggest getting my hands on!


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-04-27

Hey! Pretty cool site. These cumshots are just unbelievable. And the girls look great. Just the problem that they alwys let the videos end right after the cumshot... Damn! Let it roll for another minute or so...

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