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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Euro Fuck Friends:

Hey, wanna be friends? That might not be the line you prefer to use when you pick up women. Think about it, though. It might be perfect. By bringing up that line, you are showing no interest in any kind of sexual relationship. This would intrigue a woman, who is used to being asked for sex right away. You can continue the guise of friendship for a while, and still have other women- all the while working on this one! Then, when the time comes, admit that you have "fallen" for her- and rake her in! Ok, it might not work, as you might get to be too close as friends. But it is worth a shot, hey, at least you'll make a friend out of it!

Euro Fuck Friends is a porn site. I know, the collective readership right now is saying- "no shit!" I mean we are on a porn review site and all. But that is the best, and really only, way I can describe this site. Its porn. There isn't much of a theme- sure they throw the word Euro in there, but that doesn't do much. The action just starts out straight porn and runs all the way through. If this site was about one guy, showing off all of his fuck friends, the name would make more sense. But this is just a porn site. But they couldn't just name the site Generic Pornsite #4912, so I guess Euro Fuck Friends will suffice.

The front of Euro Fuck Friends actually just has you click a link to get into the page. There is nothing else on this page. A weird portal page, don't know why they did it like that. Anyway, when you get to the true front page, you are given a bunch of thumbnails and descriptions underneath them. Each thumbnail represents a set. A set could be a picture set or a video set, the updates page really doesn't differentiate the two. The thumbnails here really suck. I hate to be negative, but they do. A good portion of them don't show a damn thing. They show the clothed torsos of the participants. Shit, why even have thumbnails then, at least the worst previews have the girls from very far away or naked or tiny, but this is just silly. This isn't the case on just a few of the thumbnails- it's on the vast majority of them!

Taking a look at the videos, you can either download clips in WMV or QT (both low, medium, and high) and they are around four segments each. You can also download full videos in low, medium, or high also both in WMV and QT. Lots of nice little options here. Even with the videos being segmented, they are segmented well with just a few. And there is the full video option as well. To get to the videos, you have to go through the first page of thumbnails- so here you can finally lay your eyes on the girls and get a feel whether you like them or not.

The video quality here is weighing in around 1000k per pop. There are some that are 912k, and some that are 1400k. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of consistency. A lot of the videos also have a big "ad" watermark along the bottom of the video. I say its like an ad, because usually when you check out trailers and stuff, they put the bigger watermark of the sites name on the screen so you don't forget where you got it from. Well, these guys just left it here for the pay videos, and its actually kinda distracting and in the way. The videos look really professionally done and click pretty good. The videos look okay, but with the 912k videos, I really think there is room for improvement, even in the realm of that quality.

The pictures here are pretty awesome, but somewhat flawed in design. When you select a sets page, the pictures will appear in the main frame. However, you are only getting twelve thumbnails per page, which keeps the page nice and simple, but it means going through a lot of pages to navigate through the pictures. The thumbnails also have the same flaw as the front page preview thumbnails- they don't show the entire picture, and that can be misleading when you decide which ones to click on. Unfortunately, there are also no zip files to download or any slideslows to navigate. But the actual pictures are pretty awesome, 1190 x 792 pixels at high (you can choose high or low) and very crisp and clear.

There is a mixture of lesbian and straight sex here on the site. I guess if you are fucking your friends, you can fuck either males or females. While the name Euro is in the title, I would take that lightly. Sure, some of the girls are European looking- but some not so much as well. They are fairly attractive throughout the sets... but the setup and everything is so blah, they won't do as much for you as they would if properly used.

There were 49 video sets and 55 picture sets at the time of review. Keep in mind, many of the picture sets were companions to the videos- so they will be the same actors and stuff. This is a decent number. However, there is no update schedule- and when you go to the updates page for the site, you get a blank page. That is a minus, and while the content level is pretty high, it just doesn't seem that way.


Euro Fuck Friends kind of seems like one of those throwaway sites some networks put up; weaker theme, not a lot of effort, but a decent amount of content that is watchable. The minus side is that Euro Fuck Friends is a standalone site, with no network sites to support it. Which is why I would not recommend it in spite of being "ok"


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