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Review of Nude Art:

Sometimes we just need to sit back and enjoy the beauty of a woman. There are plenty of sites out there with the focus on this. The fun part is navigating through them, and seeing all of the beautiful women they offer. The best part of these kinds of sites is that they tend to have really hot women involved on them. It is a lot easier to convince a girl to snap a few "tasteful nudes" as opposed to have all three holes filled with dick. Which is why sites like Nud-Art exist and are a joy to look at.

Nud-Art might sound like a bad name to pronounce. Or you might just think that you are missing an "e" in there somewhere. Nud is supposed to stand for Nudes You Dream. Wouldn't that be Nyd? Either way, that is what the name is all about. A little strange, yes, but you would expect as much from a softcore site like this. We have gone through a lot of these softcore sites, and I am almost always impressed with them. They always seem to bring the content, the beauty, and the art to porn. Let's see how Nud Art stands up!

When you first sign into Nud, you first get this tremendous banner on top. It kind of looks like the logo for a Manowar album or something, but it just looks awesome. Not really the logo I think of for any type of nude site, but hey, it's cool as shit. The site is updated daily and on the front page you get the three updates for the day. This is done, well, not quite in the magazine style I've described for other sites, but something relatively close to that. They look nice and professional, and the one thumbnail on the front page is good enough to give you a general idea of how the rest of the site will look. The page is separated a few different ways, I would recommend using the updates by month to look through the site, but you can always check them by models.

Pictures are the name of the game on Nud Art. When you click on the thumbnail I described above, the first page in a set is a full picture of that thumbnail. It kind of serves as a title page, or perhaps a better description would be the cover of a book. Click on this and you will get all of the thumbnails for a set. The thumbnails are good thumbnails, a good size yet not taking up too much room or being too big at the same time. Underneath each thumbnail, there are options for the image size- 600, 1200, or 2000. So it really goes from regular pictures- to seeing every freckle on the girls body! Awesome way to show the choices here.

Back to the title page, and the first thumbnails for a minute. Right on these pictures, the number of pictures in the set is circled for you to see. This gives you a right-away look at how big the set is going to be. Let's talk quality for a minute- the photography here is great. It is good enough to look good when done at 600, and still look great and intricate at 2000. Very good work here. Each of the three variations can be downloaded in ZIP format if you want to preserve the entire set on your hard drive as well.

Also included with Nud Art is a small videos section. For each video, you have two options- a WMV (usually around 30mb) and an AVI (closer to 200mb). However, the AVI's are only available to premium members. Well, its not really worth it, because there are only 7 videos here in the first place. The video allotted to regular members is a decent, 300-something k video that looks decent and fills in the spot nicely as a video on a picture site. I don't agree with extra charges, and I think the video section here is a little insulting.

With a site like this, the focus really needs to be on quality and finding beautiful women to showcase the excellent quality of the pictures. We already know they got the quality part down well. The women, well, let me say if you are doing three updates a day, it is hard to find absolute perfection. I think a good number of the women here are extremely beautiful. They did a good job of coming up with the women here. A few of the girls probably could have been left at home, but with so much content there are bound to be a few that do not do it for you. The action here is solo softcore posing, lots of nudity and not a whole lot else.

I did not count the sets here, but with my high level math abilities (and a calculator) I can say that there are over 350 sets of pictures here right now. There were 63 total models in those sets. That number will continue to grow larger and larger due in part to the huge number of updates here. Just a great schedule for updates and something the site should be very proud of. No bonus sites, no real leased junk either, just pure Nud Art!


Nud Art is a nice entry into the fold of solo softcore sites. An excellent update schedule and lots of content make the video issue insignificant. The girls are excellent and the photography is great. Overall, a very nice solid site!


$29.95 for 30 days then $24.95 recurring every 30 days
$39.95 for 30 days (non-recurring)

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