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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $14.99/3 days, rebills at $35.99
$35.99/30 days
$49.99/60 days
$99.99/365 days

Review of Mature Adulteress:

Story time. For the past five years, I have really been into a friends mother. She isn't the super hot type, but she is passable and there is just something about her that makes me wish I had two dicks I could throw into her. We are talking about someone who is probably twenty five years my senior. And guess what? I just found out she is getting a divorce. No, it is not beyond me to go after someone in their moment of weakness. Wish me luck folks! I'm sure you'll hear more next time that we have a mature site up!

Mature Adulteress is a site with a focus on truly mature women. This is not a MILF type site. This site focuses on true older women, the woman next door type. My friends mother might be the type of woman focused on in this site, instead of a model in her thirties. The women here range from late thirties to sixties. I like it when a site features truly mature women. The mature category is getting too watered down with all of the milf sites, and that is hurting true mature fans who enjoy truly older women. Therefore, I liked the idea of the site.

Mature Adulteress has a very odd layout. The top has some boxes where I think a banner is supposed to be. The hot news is next, and that is basically the updates. And hey, this is done is some super broken english. Almost like they used a translating program or something, it is pretty bad. For example, "has the own business." Cmon guys, at least hire me to write some better descriptions than this. Underneath the hot news, you get some links to some crap ads and whatnot. Overall, this is a disappointing site design. The banner and the topbar simply was not coming up for me. The bottom part with the ads needs to be cut out, as well as the links that go nowhere.

When you select a girl from the content page, you will get a page which has thumbnails for both the pictures and the videos. Since all of the sets have pictures and a few don't have videos, we will focus on the pictures first. The pictures here range from decent to ok. They are never spectacular. The pictures are 1000 x 750 pixels, but they just look a little aged in most cases. Just not as perfectly clear as I would like to see in a porn picture. The galleries are laid out as barebones thumbnail galleries, nothing special added here or into the pictures at all. No zip files, no slideshow, no moving from picture to picture. This is about as bare bones as you can get.

The videos are presented as either segments or as full video downloads. The videos here are WMVs. The quality here is around 376k for the videos. For that quality, the videos look pretty decent, surprisingly. I wish they could show some other sites how to make the most out of their bitrate. Of course, at full screen there is the inevitable pixelation. The videos are pretty decent, but nothing to really get too excited about.

The girls here, as noted, are not really girls. They are older women, mature and amateur looking. This is not a milf site as noted, it has really older women. It works for fans of the mature genre, although this isn't a site for widespread popularity. The action is regular sex pretty much, kind of throwback to older porn with more sensuality than we normally see today.

As of the time of review, the site has 29 sets of content. This is mixed between videos and photos, although a good portion of the site has both. There are no bonus sites to speak of. The site is updated every five days according to the timestamps on the site.


Mature Adulteress is a weaker site in a genre-specific category. That doesn't make it much appealing to anybody. With a lowered content level, and questionable quality, I really can't make a recommendation for this site. Personally, I enjoyed a number of the videos, but overall you really have to be into the theme to enjoy.


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