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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $19.95/30 days, rebills at $17.95

Review of British Tease:

I like girls that tease. They give you a little bit, and leave you begging for more. In some cases, it can be really bad. But I love it when they just string you along, bit by little bit, on and on and on. And finally, you get something, and when you do, you are almost ready to explode with happiness. Teasing is a fine art, and those that excel at it, as much as we hate it when its happening, really can turn us into monsters when the teasing is done.

British Tease is a site with a focus on hot girl next door types. This is primarily a photo based site, and it is really focused on the quality of girls on the site. There is also a big focus on the British aspect of the site, as they will use a lot of slang and whatnot. It could also be considered somewhat of a softcore site, while it does have some hardcore elements, there is also a good bit of softcore on the site. I won't tease you anymore, and get to the meat of the review.

The front page of British Tease is more along the lines of a portal into the site. There is one picture on the left and a little description of the site on the right. You can then go into the site using the Model List, the pictures section, or the movies section. You can also search the site based on keywords, through the search page. The keywords here go pretty specific and if there is a specific fetish you have, such as stockings or swimwear, you can check this page out. So there is basically three different ways to get the content, which is pretty nice. The site design is good throughout the rest of the site as well.

The photos are the biggest focus here, and as I mentioned, there are really three ways to go about getting them. I will start with my least favorite, the search page. If you go here, you get a bunch of text links with some keywords. Each set has some keywords attached to it. These can go from broad (blonde) to very specific (equestrian?) and while I like the idea, it just isn't the way I go about looking for pictures. The model list is more traditional of photo sites, showing a thumbnail of each girl (listed alphabetically) and how many galleries they have online. If you click on the girl, you will get a bio and a listing of all of their sets with one thumb each. The disadvantage to this is that you will miss all of the new updates if you use this navigation. My favorite is simply the galleries option, which lists all of the photo sets in reverse chronological order. Each set has a nice blurb, as well as four thumbnails and a link to download the ZIP file of all of the pictures as well.

The images here are spaced throughout several pages. They do a good job of having the right number of thumbnails on each page. The thumbnails are the perfect size, not too small and not too big. They look really good. When you download a full picture, you get a 800 x 1200 pixels image. The pictures look great here, very crisp and clear. The sets are actually well thought out and planned by the photographers as well, its not just a random mingling of images we see in some places. The newer sets offer ZIP downloads, while all of them offer slideshows of the pictures. Good options, and overall a very nice pictures section.

There are also some videos here on British Tease. This section is not nearly as prolific. When you hit the videos section, you get one small, not so good thumbnail. There is a little description and a text link to download the full MPG. Most of these videos are just short, couple minute clips. The quality of the MPGs is okay, but when you bring them up to full screen, not the greatest. Overall, this is what most movie sections on picture sites usually is: short, lower quality, and kind of boring clips.

British Tease has some extremely good looking young ladies on the site. I found a lot of the girls to be very cute, I'm not sure if thats what they were looking for or not, but thats what I felt about it. Like this is a collection of girls I'd like to date first and then frag. The action here is a good amount of softcore solo porn. Now there are some more hardcore solo focused sets, and some sets with spreading but no penetration. But I would say a majority of what I saw would be titled softcore. Which kind of goes hand in hand with the title, I guess.

At the time of review, there were around 205 photo sets and around 25 video sets. They were spread across the same 36 or so models. Overall, this is a good amount of material, especially if you like seeing the same girls in different picture sets. The site is updated with new sets every two or three days, so you get quite a few updates!


British Tease is a good site that doesn't do a whole lot wrong. If you are into the more soft side of things, and you like pictures, I would definately take a look at the previews here and see if you are into the girls. If you are, there is no reason not to join up here!

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Model List Picture sets Video sets


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