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Review of I Touch My Pussy:

“Welcome to Touch My Pussy where we make you will not see any guy's hairy butt, only soft horny ladies.”
I think that introduction kind of speaks for itself when it comes to this site which deals solely with women playing doctor alone or with each other. The name is kind of in-your-face but sums up the action fairly well and there are few things that I like more than watching women touching their pussies.

The site does not have any other kind of red thread to it other than it’s only young women pleasuring themselves or some times each other and that any kind of depiction of men seem to be barred from the site (good riddance to bad rubbish you might say). Of course this rules out any kind of plot or story line so don’t be expecting that.

The action starts off pretty much the same way in each scene. A girl fades in as she is wearing some hot outfit and without any warning whatsoever she seems to get too horny to take it, so she takes matter in to her own hands. In one case so far there is also a lesbian movie and this of course also fits well with the general goal of the site. To fulfilled the girls will use any means necessary to get the job done, they’ll rub and fuck themselves with fingers or toys to reach that all important orgasm and this is what we are here to watch.

The media
To watch the movies on this site we get a few choices.

1. Watch the movies streamed in flash format at 400k bitrate / 640x360 resolution or 1000k bitrate / 720x405 px resolution. I felt very satisfied with the 400k option alone but of course experienced a higher frame rate and a bit better resolution at 1000k. The only downfall about these flash streams are that they cannot run full-screen, this is something I hope the owners will think about making possible as it really would be nice. The streams are available as segments, you can’t stream the complete movie in on sitting.

2. You can download the movies as segments or download the whole thing right away. The 5 segments offer wmv download in either 512kbit or 1000kbit bitrate. For the complete movie download you also get a 1500kbit wmv option and the option of download a 1280i HD mpeg file, this mpeg file is huge and should only be considered by people with a very high speed connection.

To compliment the videos both digital still photos (1200x800) of the scene is available as well as 800x450 px screenshots that are actually very nice quality but serve little other purpose than acting as a very graphic story board for the scene. All I needed was the digital stills and the video however I can see how you might use the caps for finding out whether you would want to download a particular scene, or not.

Bonus content
As any other porn site these days you have to have bonus content as we are used to getting a shitload of porn as long as we stay as members. For this site there is a combination of in house bonus sites and some other less interesting reality porn feeds. With your signup here you also get access to the sites and, the videos from are also made visible through a “downloadable WMVs” link from the top menu bar and shows only the masturbation videos by default but you can choose lesbian/hardcore/blowjob/gangbang as niche as well and download more if you suddenly get the craving for some boy/girl action as well. The feeds that are made available has little relevance to this site except for maybe the site “her 1st lesbo experience” which features lesbian action only. When you first log in the episodes from this particular feeds site are listed and you can visit the episodes directly by clicking here. As this is the only one really interesting to the lovers of this girls-only niche it makes good sense to make these episodes directly available on the page.

Other than that there is also a picture bonus archive that features more models or sets that I can count but it looks like 100 models and maybe 500 picture sets (50.000 pictures) that are made available from another site the owners run The pictures here are very relevant to this site and fills up the site quite nicely.

The site is updated with a new episode every week and at the time of review there were 11 episodes available for download. As we’ve been informed the site started 2 weeks ago so I guess they are keeping up the frequency so far ;).

The design is pretty simple and easy to navigate.

Bottom line
The site is pretty well put together and the theme stays intact. The girls are very pretty European styled women and they look very good in the high quality videos and pictures. Overall the quality of this site is what really impressed me the most and kept me interested and for me the flash streaming always works out a lot better than wmv streams. In this case I was also quite happy with how well the 400k ones looked but of course the full screen HD mpegs were the best choice if you are fanatic about your porn experience, the file size does ruin it a bit for me I’m afraid. Overall this is a well done site with decent bonus content and a nice theme.

7 day trial: $7.95 (recurs at $27.95)

1 month membership: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95 after first month)

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