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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $32.97
$24.97/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Euro Masturbation:

Let's masturbate! It's a special art, and some of us have it down to a science. Some of us actually can turn ourselves on more than other people can sometimes. I seriously doubt that is true with this collection of women. But it may be true with me, if my luck doesn't pick up soon. But you didn't come here to read about my miserable lonliness. You came here to read about European girls masturbating. So I give you Euro Masturbation.

The theme here is pretty much given away in the name. The girls masturbate with toys, they masturbate with fingers, they masturbate both holes in some cases. I sometimes wished I was their fingers, they did so much fun stuff with them. The focus here is of course the Eurogirls. This is kind of a cool combination of a couple of different themes, but I still think they should take it further in this case because the theme still doesn't seem all too exciting. But hey, if it means some hotties masturbating on my screen, I am all for it!

When you sign in, you first get some text crap that you will skip right over. Next comes the latest 12 movie updates. Each one is given one action thumbnail. This isn't too effective, because in many cases you don't even get to see what the girl looks like. Next comes the recent photo and screen cap galleries. Same girls, different thumbnails. Each girl is likely to have two different thumbnails here. This is followed by, no, not bonus sites on this network- but ads for other networks and sites. They do it under the guise of recommendations. Let me make a recommendation right now- anything they are advertising like this is probably better than this site.

When you click a girl you like for the videos, you get a bigger version of that same thumbnail you saw on the front page. Next to it, you will have a lot of options for downloading videos. You can get WMV high speed, WMV low speed, full WMV, full MPG, and MPG clips. When you click the text you are interested, thumbnails will appear at the bottom of the screen for each segment. If you only go for the full video, you will naturally only get one thumbnail. This is a cool setup actually, I just wish it was grouped with some nice preview thumbnails alone. Even the thumbnails you get for the clips are very small.

The quality of the videos here is pretty good. Let me first talk about the actual videos. These look like video porn you would go out and rent through and through. A lot of them even have the same kind of sound, but they all have the typical porn stuff we are all used to from watching porn. With that said, this also has the very awesome pro camerawork involved here. The quality of the WMVs here is 1316k but they are still quite fuzzy when you take a look at them at full size. Overall, a decent but disappointing quality.

Most of the girls here have both a photo gallery and a vidcap page. You can choose between small, medium, and large size thumbnails. The regular photos here are pretty good looking. They are not superclear or anything, the coloration seems a bit off at times. But still, these are way better pictures than you will usually find on a site with a focus on videos. With that said, I also want to mention it is nice to see some good pictures here considering the theme. When there are solo girls, we are more apt to want to take in the full experience- and these photos really help in doing that.

The girls here on Euro Masturbation are all about midrange. I wasn't driven crazy by any of them, and none of them had me going away running either. They seem to fit the European theme pretty well, so you have to be a fan of that 'look' as well. The action is basically masturbation, sometimes with toys. It almost always occurs inside, on a couch or chair. There is one outside on the rocks scene. The girls seem like they are truly enjoying themselves throughout the scenes, which I like to see with this theme.

At the time of review, there were a total of 23 sets of content here. This is a decent number, but the fact that there is no update schedule or timestamps anywhere on the site kind of drags the content down a bit. Who knows when the site is updated or anything along those lines. I can't really comment on the value of the site because of this.

The Porn Ultra Pass Network includes Perfect DP, Euro Fuck Toys, Euro Masturbation, Real Brazil Hardcore (as opposed to fake Brazilian hardcore), Real Latin Hardcore (ditto), She Takes It Black and Wax Dat Ass. There is no real focus to this network, other than the obvious individual site focuses, but the setup stays the same pretty much all the way through.


This is one of the better sites I came across on this network. The photo sets compliment the videos nicely here. On top of that, they have a simple theme, but it is expanded a but from the other few sites I've reviewed so far. I can't really recommend it, because it does have its flaws- but this is one that didn't totally repulse me either.


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