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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $32.97
$24.97/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Real Latin Hardcore:

Again I must confirm my love for Latin women. I am probably going to be moving to an area with a large amount of them very shortly. I cannot wait, personally. It's going to be awesome. I need to learn how to speak spanish a little better. I still have bits and pieces from my high school spanish classes, but not a whole lot. What would impress a girl more than cornbread me being able to bust out a compliment about her ass in Spanish. It would be a surefire win. But until I buy some tapes to polish up, I guess I will have to rely on the internet to get the majority of my latin lovin'.

Real Latin Hardcore is a site focused on latin girls getting stuffed and pounded on video. Its not an original theme. We see a lot of sites based on this type of women, and the actual theme of the site doesn't make it any more original. I like latin women, but it doesn't really bring itself to great websites sometimes. The selection is sometimes poor, and the action is sometimes not up to par. Let's see if the real latin hardcore is the real deal.

When you sign into the site, you are given a front page that starts off unappealing. It just has some text links and whatnot, mainly to ads. We then get the latest movie updates, each movie getting one smaller action thumbnail and just the girls name. You then get the same kind of thumbnails for the photos. Underneath this, there are more ads. I wouldn't consider this page ad heavy, but they do have quite a few of them. They keep them kind of small and out of the way. I hate ads but with the amount of ads here, I wanted to clarify that the page doesn't scream spam.

The videos are the biggest focus here on Real Latin Hardcore. When you enter the videos page, you get a lot of links and the same thumbnail you saw on the front page. The links you have are for WMV high speed clips, WMV low speed clips, Full MPG, MPG clips, and full WMV. Obviously they touch on a lot of options here. Click on the link, and at the bottom of the page a tiny thumbnail (or thumbnails) will appear. Click on this to get your download. Hey, I kind of like the idea of clicking on a text link to get segment downloads- but I think that the use of such small crappy thumbnails kind of kills it. Overall, good options but a questionable setup.

The quality of the videos here is good. The videos play a lot like professional looking pornography all the way through. These 1316k videos look really good at both regular size and full screen. Not perfect at full screen, but definately acceptable. I guess you could say they have a nice quality all around, very professional looking on this site.

The photos for each girl is split into two sections; one of higher quality photos, the other being your vidcaps. Obviously the higher quality ones are way better. But they are also the least concentrated section, with only a 50 or so pics. Still, this was a nice little addition of photos I wasn't expecting, especially with this site. The site continues with their good options theme, offering each pic in small, medium, or large sizes. I appreciated that as well.

I thought the girls on this site ranged from fair to poor. They really could have used a better girl selection, and although I found myself downloading a few sets, they really didn't do it for me. Combine the weaker preview system with this, and it leads for a very difficult site to check out. I don't think the action here did much to save it either, it was pretty cut and dried regular sex stuff.

At the time of review there was a total of 22 sets of content. There are no timestamps, no upcoming updates or any of that. So I really have no idea how much content there truly is. Overall, I'd say I could definately find better deals on the net- but there is also a network here.

The Porn Ultra Pass Network includes Perfect DP, Euro Fuck Toys, Euro Masturbation, Real Brazil Hardcore (as opposed to fake Brazilian hardcore), Real Latin Hardcore (ditto), She Takes It Black and Wax Dat Ass. There is no real focus to this network, other than the obvious individual site focuses, but the setup stays the same pretty much all the way through.


I just think the site design hurt this one quite a bit. I also didn't really care for a lot of the girls on here, and that didn't help my enjoyment of the sets one bit. Subpar material presented poorly- I would pass on this.


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